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The association for blind citizens Mr charm Olivera he's here and he was speaking when Gerald from we push a button that'll bring Joe back in if you want to call in and do what many have done to this point six one seven two five four thirty or eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty nine thing keeping track let's hear from us thirty eight states out there hard to Canada and that's right that's right third time John has given his information phone number cell location I have been doing a couple more times before we wave goodbye to him at the top of the hour so if you haven't gotten it yet what ever device you use the braille reader I pencil have it handy so next recorder water the next time he gives it you'll be all set all right Joe where were you all right I was talking about the U. he said cable essentials and wifi well my wife I in my house the the part isn't that good sometimes it goes off that's why which this TV had direct you know plug into cable but some of them don't know is cable essentials cheaper what I still have all my channels because I don't like paying to under I pay two hundred twenty dollars for phone internet and cable all right so it's a product that's put out by Comcast you should call you need to call them and ask for the if they don't know about it and ask them to give you the the the individuals and handle customers with disabilities yeah I have that office number okay she called him asking about the that's going to compare the Comcast essentials program for you and if you've done that then they should be able from what what the material says that I've read it really should give you a good rate but I don't know if they just give you a basic package and if you want specific channels then you'll have to pay for those on as part of a package of great yeah they don't have they don't have a the you have to get a whole bunch of channels you can't just pick the ones and shoes you want that right they give you all a bunch of right now with it which is the vision for the television you were talking about you could pick if they're available via download through the apps you could and and Jerry if you're coming to ABC's Christmas party we can talk more about this and I'll get more specifics for you what is the printer I haven't.

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