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She can do it and i think we're being there was it went down it wasn't it was actually like it would be role play with some here let's just do like maybe norton i wanna hire you never if she is any time maybe more mary so am i snake oh man i feel like then i'd have to give you my whole like this is what i like and this is what i don't version of him and there had number yeah that berge you're hurt and like you don't hate the student but you care about him fearing much but you can't boy i could be whatever it's a witch so i'm hurt you know snare yeah so emotionally yes he is yes he like you're sending out people he's a little mean yeah okay i'm sorry i was late you know to awkward also like i'll be a little directive like that and yeah okay with them i think that's helpful judge or whatever i keep going with pay off great things sound like porn like i've got really liked in fact the last couple guys i did i really liked verbal like a lot of talking with that but i hate it when i could sense they wanted me to just sound like a porn and it felt vache and i was like i hate being anyway like any conversation go for being truthful and throw myself under the bus by over sharing or or saying something pride in need to say that but it says aimless sex i don't wanna be like your caucus ohare it sounds so faked exactly shaly wanna say things that are meaningful to me but then i also want also please him in the way that he is into so actually a lot of who say they got some guy friends like so cheesy it's so cheesy always to they're like i don't know every friend is dating a twenty two year old forties but every girl i have sex with now i feel they just watched a porn because they are acting exactly like when you get on the show and yeah she's twenty two she's not gonna fucking this today but i love it see see i think this is really good that you are able to do this with in relation to just kinda bring it and just say this is not to be that hard well it's been a learning curve because i still lake get so show on area i know i'm curious about us because like doesn't your partner doesn't matter if you're partnered gets off on that side of it you know what name like i feel like i've been people like i like this and if they like the opposite it's like great so you're not just trying they would have to question if i felt there at all shrike and do that for you and it was a chore i would not it wouldn't turn me on right feel that they're very turned on kind of like in initiating it there is an element of like is this your it's been a conversation i i wouldn't have jumped into role play without being like what if this weight meals i got back and forth of lake we could do we could try this would you be into this and like you're right you kind of talk about it i just because what do you mean what are you talking scenarios share the scenario that i've been sharing a couple years on the show all right don't interrupt okay i asked her a few years ago i go look the perfect guy he he's well endowed he he'll take care financially perfect he conversation with you love talking time absolute perfect man for for emily there's just one thing that he wants to do bed he just wants.

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