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I mean could throw a million miles an hour, but how often did the throw end up up the third-base line and strength, you know, this is Jamie j. His real strength was run prevention. He could cover as much ground in center field as any outfielder center fielder I've ever seen. It's been way and that includes Fred Lynn. That includes any black one, and a mookie, whoever the Red Sox have had in that, I've never seen a player cover as much territory, as J D J. And when he left look, he wasn't going to, you know, put the lights off. On fire with his Bat, but he, I wondered how the Red Sox were going to replace him defensively and they haven't missed a beat exactly. And, you know, I think a lot of that is just how good Renfro spending a field. And we know right field and finalize, maybe as a center fielder, exactly may be equally as important in sent as the center field. But yeah, because his defense is so good. I think it's Justified, allow to allow, Alex Cora to play them against right-handed pitching because he's number still, aren't that good? He said and 2:40 with a 677 o p s against right-handed pitching. So that's a well below-average, LPS against right-handed pitching and they keep playing them every day and I understand they think he's their best option and he helped me, I still think you can make the argument that he should probably not be playing as often as long as against right-handed pitching but they found a nice little left. Right situation in the lineup where he protects Devers, if they want to bring in a left, a left-hander to face never as well. You know, wage, Be bad, a rule. Guess what? You're going to Face Hunter renfroe next and he's one of the best of the game against lefties. So I understand it more than I thought I would. I think there's something to be said for the consistency in the Outfield and the consistency defensively to put the same line about it every night. I think that's a bigger factor in Alex, Cora's run prevention, philosophy in, in the Outfield than it is down, right? Left match up at the plate. I really do. Yeah, I spent let me just make this quick Point especially when you have a picture and staff that gives up a a lot of fly balls and be still lights up here. Their pitching staff has one picture under four in e r, a and that's Nathan. Eovaldi, it's 367. You have Garrett Richards. 96, Nick, pivetta at 4. Eddie, Arad is at 583 and Martin Perez at 4:09,.

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