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Brad Seeger Now this Bloomberg sports update Patrick Kane and Brandon Hegel scored three golds a piece for the Chicago Blackhawks becoming the first Chicago teammates with a hat trick in the same game since 2003 as Chicago snaps a three game losing streak and defeats the Devils by the score of 8 to 5 four Kane his tenth career hat trick for New Jersey jesper bronze scored twice He leans the Devils in scoring 18 goals 30 assists 48 points Jack Hughes and Jonah segan taller with a goal and two assists to peace In the NBA at Madison Square Garden the next lost their fourth straight game 46 points from RJ Barrett just wasn't enough as they lose to Miami one 15 to 100 the next have now dropped 9 of their last 11 Tyler hero led the heat with 25 points coming off the bench Bam adebayo with 16 points and 16 rebounds and yes for Barrett those 46 points represents a career high a sloppy game for the next as they commit 18 turnovers and seeing their record fall to 25 and 35 the next host Philadelphia on Sunday the nets are at Milwaukee later tonight Local college basketball in the Mac I own a now raising their record to 23 and 5 with a 72 65 win over knishes victories for writer marist and Saint Peter's university and in the Ivy League it was prince and over Harvard 74 67 the tigers are now 20 and 5 Baseball players and owners took a first step toward salvaging opening day nearing agreement on Friday on an amateur draft lottery during lockout negotiations that included a surprise one on one meeting between commissioner rob Manfred and union head Tony Clark while an agreement on the draft was not.

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