LEE, Carrio, Danny Glover discussed on We Hate Movies - Episode 322 - Saw


I think that's us sites who by signalling that's what we're doing every week speaking of bad lines just because you were saying like lee one of those got a lot of them either way back just because carrio is is leg hey i'm dr lawrence gordon blah blah blah what's your name and to which lee while responds my name is very fucking confused and that's something i wanna talk about this movie eric pointed out the scriptures written in two thousand one this is still it's a very over written taki talks snappy clever is functioning elisa lou man it just it just reminds you how much garbage nine these independence in a mother was has some long diatribe about some like vegan that he was dating zone it's a it's a feminist vegan fuck there was like a third one at the end and like blah blah blah she broke out ironmental is probably a feminist vegan punk i was dating these feminists vegan bunk and i think i also may have accidentally written directed that free enterprise booty accidentally down i see my character are some yeah so danny glover is oh right danny glover is obsessively like looking at the jigsaw tape that he had one of my favorite details movie this is how he cracks the case the first time wide open it's him in these like can can lungs a gay man wanted to go out for a beer with the guy's a one second round one second they looks you see a of graffiti.

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