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We'll never know exactly when he's coming back but he's having an mri today his fastball not touch ninety miles per hour in five innings yesterday i it it feels and this is by the way two years in a row he's had a back issue this is this it i don't think it's it but i think this could be it for this season i think it could screw him up for this season and the problem is the dodgers are are just their starters are dropping like flies hundred review is not expected to be back to after the all star break at the earliest kenta maeda is out for a while gets a by the way is going to work tomorrow and there's some murky timetable that says he could pitch next weekend and rich hill is out with a blister and he's gonna throw for the first time without a bandage or athletic tape on his left middle finger tomorrow and see where they are again no timetable for him they've they've got their throwing a bullpen game tonight scott alexander is going to get the start expect to see the kid dennis santana as the next guy up who he just got called up earlier this week you're gonna walker bueller you're going to alex would you can have ross stripling jagan strip and probably dennis santana in the rotation until we get a couple of these guys back right now they've really only got four guys and we'll hope richaud comes back we'll hope that that rich rich and ken to eight are both back in there because i if they don't have a healthy kershaw.

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