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Rebounding win basketball games you could have gone anywhere in the country in chief that if you come and we partner up for four years i wanted to be a unique experience i wanted to be more than about basketball i wanted to be more about winning and losing and so i try to create an environment that would allow me to see that i had a broader responsibility to each of these young people than than winning and losing basketball games i remember as you cruden a kid this is when i was coaching at usc and his name was mark boyd he's the only player i've ever coached it started every game for four years and i remember walking out of his house after signing the letter intent hit getting a lot of intent signed by him as mom walked me to the doors a single parent and she looked at me she said coach raveling i don't want no fullish in the saudi you now and i knew what she was saying hey i'm giving you my most prized possession in the whole world and i i'm going to send you a boy and i expect you to send me back a man and i expect you to respect of the values that i've i've instilled in him and so those type of moments helped me understand in a more vivid manner what my ultimate responsibilities were to those young people and like for example everywhere i coached before practice i would always have a five minute talk with the team about something that had nothing to do with basketball at always pass out little articles for them to read and so i wanted this to be a memorable opportunity for them i have one player who told me a couple years ago he said coach he says somewhere my garage i have every hand out you you gave out in the four years of practice and so i can look back and feel good about the relationship i had with my players.

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