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So it makes me believe that it's something that's really easy, but does this a civilly mean that just because it's easy who ends up playing it, win the you know what I mean? Like was somebody like Caitlyn when when he was competitions, we'll somebody like a like a rockstar, win the competition. Is there a possibility that somebody could they all and getting back in the house. Would be funny if rockstar was victim and in failed. Like an easy challenge to come back in. That would be an entertaining outcome. I guess. I mean, we've seen people fail at stupid deja in big brothers. So like I, I don't know. I mean, I'm I'm probably more or less. I bet they're going to come back, but it does give me moments thing where I'm like, you know what? It might not be as rectal as one might think for offices rock climbing, which would definitely be Giradi. Yeah, you know, if if I designed this power, I would have made it something easy for the first three weeks if you used it on yourself for somebody else. But then when the fourth week I would have made it more difficult just so that the week isn't more of a give, and I would have put that in the rules for the just Zang. Like if by the fourth week it's a more difficult challenge to get back in, but but I doubt that they did that. Yeah, there's there's always a chance, the always chance. And honestly, either way I, I really feel like I am kind of hoping for the j. c. one because I do feel like maybe that is the the most entertaining outcome to see either Caitlyn or rockstar have to compete to get back in. And then I, they're seeing rockstar loser Caitlyn. We even Caitlin Caitlin, lose the challenge, come back and it's my, my intuition is telling me how to do this. Oh, crap. Yeah, no, yeah. I'm probably leading more towards the JC would as well. I mean, just because I only I've already been expecting it since it is the hanging competition, and I feel like I don't know. I feel like. I've really got to be hard for somebody like him to fake that he's having a hard time because he's so small, like it's just it's Bill for him like that. I don't know. I mean, we'll see. We'll see, you know, thinking about it a little more. I, if if the level side was smart, we know that Brett is assuming that Bailey has a power. We know that that Tyler kind of assumes that Bailey has the power. They were smart and they had. They had j. c. h. they would convince him to put Bailey up just as upon, but then not maybe not tellers us about where maybe say she was just like get convinced him to put her up to potentially try to flush a power that she has. So maybe look for that as well. But but maybe they're not that smart. You never know. Yeah. I mean, I think that breath only one. That's really, I mean, maybe maybe JC wants to somebody on his side wins, man. Maybe he'll put pressure on them more. Maybe it'll be like, you know what? Maybe you're right, we should. I mean, we at the very least try and see if this does flush out the power, but the way things are looking now is like everybody's kind of has their has their mind set on who they're going to target. If they do win issue, it's it would be funny if they like if it was a really, really hard sell. They finally convinced JC please just put up Bailey it just to see if this flushes the power, and then he's like, okay, fine. And the not the nominations come out and it's like Tyler. And Brett, you have been nominated for white. What. We shouldn't have flushed that Dan power. I really can't the away that like both those. It's like a, it's like a positive feedback. We give one of those powers yet used the other one that's going to get used like they're both winning at using the thing week and I'm just I'm really excited to see how it fan. I'm just I really wanna see Tyler pilots had been in adversity so far, but I wanna see him freak out. I wanna see him where he's like, os, snap. This is not what I had in my. I feel like we all we get a cool, calm calculated. Luscious green is luscious locks. I just want to see all of that away. He's always high. Exactly. All right. Anything else you want to bring up before wrap this up..

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