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Yearly that Schikler still some there that bone. There's a couple of scenes are Winkler's so funny talking about how much the class costs, and the fact that these to keep paying the full amount. Even when he's in that moment when he motivates the actors, it's really inspired and really well done he himself. So that he worked with couple of acting teachers drawn even his book when you see the book, and that's exactly acting teachers book the dust jacket looked like the title hit your lines hit your marks regionalized perfect. So what I'm what I'm not surprised by how funny they get that part of what I am surprised by is how dramatic it is. And when I say dark comedy, I'm talking dark comedy. I didn't think I thought he's a hitman once actor, and that's it. It's light and fun. No, it's door. There's Chechen mobsters in here. And these guys are hilarious offbeat. But it's a violent show, and it goes to some places I was not expecting. I mean internal. Thanks, Dan, Stanford is Bill hater, I I couldn't agree more especially after watching the show, but there seems of hater resting with guilt. I mean, a few episodes he directed himself. And it's got this odd tone to it that I think is really impressive and really bold. And I would just emphasize the fact it's a comedy, but there's death dramatic edges potentially the way the season ends. I said, wow, that's pretty gutsy. What they did with it season. Two coming out this spring. We know the exact time of it. But Winkler seduction of a copy, particularly very notable. In fact, he says it went to dinner if this isn't the finest piece of poetry of ever eaten. You only a kick in the genitals. I mean, he's unbelievable this show Passmore seen berry. Ricky your thoughts on the show. The I'm a huge fan of Bill Hader back from his SNL days. I think he's one of the top performers. They've ever had on that show. And when I heard about the show, obviously, I'm immediately drawn to and like you said, you think it's going to be one way where it's gonna be. A little more light because of how hater was perceived on on L. But no, it's extremely dark at times. It's extremely daunting. And I just love the direction that they took it and I can't wait for season two. Danny check out at any point Bill haters your guy. I love Bill Hader. It's one of those where it's been on my list for a while not that I actually have a physical list that'd be weird. But a lot of people have recommended haven't gotten to it probably won't. I think I'm too far gone. But I do love ater the other Charlotta tacos marvelous, MRs Mazel, the story of this show talk show. It's been a lot of lists. I mean critics choice award winning. I laugh at the sag awards the show dollar Rachel bras. Dan, when best actress Tony shalhoub and best actor, and they want best ensemble drama. So I said all right. My wife correctly pointed out my chauvinistic tendencies when it comes to TV shows sopranos breaking bad odds, Kirby enthusiasm seinfeld's, one show, the female protagonists that you often watch. I didn't wanna go all the way back to Murphy Brown bears myself. Although Ben lines is huge. Murphy Brown guy. Ben lies right now. You think wising on the podcast Sunday's? He's watching the reboot of Murphy Brown. That's how much loves Candice Bergen as child knew he wanted to get into journalism, and that's betters right now hunker down binge-watching Murphy, Brown, rip routers back. And it was that's probably the last show that I really enjoyed with a female protagonist. But I'm all in a marvelous MRs basil, here's a story in kiss. You're wanting what it's all about setting the late nineteen fifties. The husband of MRs Mazel wants to be stand up comic. So he's obviously terrible comic because you quickly realize stealing Bob hope's jokes and going out there and bombing particularly one that he has a terrible set, and it goes back, and he tells Rachel bras care to these leaving her eases needs a new direction his life. He didn't expect his life would go this way, and she leaves and he leaves the first three minutes of the show. I'm like, okay. I can appreciate whites critically doored spectacular production design. You know, great, costumes. Great music. It feels like madmen in many ways madman was sixties fifties. I guess it's overlapping, but around that era, very true spirit..

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