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Inspired solutions for America. Impeachment inquiry is warranted based on what you understand what has come out in the report. Absolutely chris. I'm not a political person. I'm not a political operative. I respect the house leadership. And the fact that they may be considering, you know, a lot of polls and political strategy in the way figuring out what to do next. That's not my business. My business is investigations evidence finding information and exposing that information when when the American public has a right to know it. I think we are clearly there with the results of the special counsel team. There are so many witnesses who could provide important essential testimony to congress, that can only be done in the scope of an impeachment inquiry. I think that action should be taken immediately and I think people should finally here for themselves. Exactly what those witnesses have to say, whether or not that results in articles of impeachment. And trial in the Senate, and all those sorts of things is beside the point. Oh, okay. Andy mccabe. Sure. Let's, let's have a fifth investigation. Meanwhile those criminal referral against him. And a very interesting thing, just so happen to be time the day that Robert Muller, had his nine and a half minute little press conference that five hours later e- said in a letter from the special counsel's office, along with the attorney general Bill bar. Yeah. Never mind, everything I just said earlier in the day that got the media, so hyped up historical. And crazy is not true that we couldn't come to a conclusion because of DOJ policy and constitutional issues around, whether you can or cannot indicted, sitting president, when I said, over and over again, that was not a consideration, even though I well backtracked on my own press conference, reading somebody else's handwritten notes poorly, because I had no idea what was in it. That's what it seemed like to me. Now, Andrew McCabe, there was that day that Muller gave his testimony, very interesting. There was a recommendation for indictment. A foreign leaky high ranking official now John Solomon has a brand new investigative piece out and headline is feds gone wild DOJ's, stunning inability to prosecute its own bad actors was caught. Red-handed engaged the nepotism, and other lawyer. No less admitted to shoplifting at marine barracks store. A third leaked sealed court information to the news media fourth engaged in fraud by turning a government garage into a personal repair shop for many people apparently four cases. All solved in the past month suspects, who cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and significant breaches of public trust clearly some of these are crimes, but these aren't your everyday perpetrators all were department of Justice employee's who are supposed to catch criminals, working for the FBI the DA, the US attorney's offices, instead, they broke the law and all manage to escape prosecution despite their proven. Transgressions reason, state, Justice department disciplinary files telling undeniable story and under the leadership of the inspector General, Michael Horowitz, DOJ's internal watchdog is doing an outstanding job of policing bad conduct inside America's premiere law enforcement agency, and the DOJ's doing a poor job of punishing its own and that brings us to the case of which I am talking about about leaking. High level individual recommending a criminal charge. And that was denied something that probably wouldn't happen to any of you. Or if your last name was, let's say, Paul Manafort, or general Flynn, or let's say, Michael, cone, or Roger stone, anyway, eight hundred nine four one Sean toll-free. Telephone number our to John Salomon executive vice president president for the hill investigative reporter, Greg Jarrett author, the number one bestseller, the Russia hoax, Fox News legal analyst. John, this was your column. We'll start with you. Greg is very familiar with the ideas recommendation that one particular case. And why do I suspect? It could be somebody as high ranking as McCabe who, of course now wants impeachment, but of is not biased against Trump at all. Well, listen, it's been fifteen months inspector general, I referred Andrew McCabe for possible investigation for lying in leaking. He did both things lied about leaking. And nothing has happened in fifteen months to put that in perspective in just a few short months in five months. There were three separate people in the Muller's Weisman investigation that were indicted for lying to prosecutors. So why does it take a short time to indict everyday Americans and it takes a long time to punish anyone at the time or maybe an impossible task? Yeah. It may not happen. That's the question that is raising this article were about to enter the most important internal affairs investigation in recent Justice department Bill bars investigation of everything involving spy gate, Russia and the question that will be there, if, if it finds wrongdoing will people really get punished. And if you look at the last month of internal affairs. Estimations by the you find great investigations found FBI agent, shoplifting and DA of sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to their family illegally -ffective money. Essentially, you've got all sorts of wrongdoing documented confirmed admitted to the none of the people are fired. One is allowed to retire the others continued to be employed by the department, and non prosecuted, even though they were referred for prosecution. It raises the question candidacies department actually investigate indisciplined itself. Why did I suspect that criminal referral coming from the inspector general's office on the day that mother spoke, which was kind of buried the story? Gregg jarrett. Is there any chance he was talking about Andrew McCabe? Well, it could be should be because Andrew McCabe he's the guy who proves the Peter principle, the management theory that people in a hierarchy tend to the level of their own incompetent. And in McCain's case it's not just incompetence and ignorance of the law. It's malevolence. This is a man who just a few months ago was still saying he thinks the president United States is rushing agent, 'cause he was trying to peddle his book, which is to read and trying to profit by his own wrongdoing. I mean, that's, that's what it's come to people like McCabe and James Comey engaged in rampant corrupt acts and they're trying to profit by it at the same time they continue to appear on television shows on MSNBC, and CNN and elsewhere, and defame, and smear, the president of the United States who engaged in no collusion. You know, the FBI and the department of Justice, it was colluding with a foreign national being funded by Hillary Clinton feeding noodle to the media to frame Donald Trump for something he didn't do. So this is unequal prosecution is enforcement of the law, and it needs to change when it comes to corrupt actors within our own lawn. Forsman agencies. Do we know in any way, will we ever be able to find out John who was recommended by Horowitz to be indicted leaking? And they decided not to we do a deputy assistant director and we know they had the title of deputy assistant director. So you go to the hierarchy top the FBI dread. Second deputy director that McCabe, then there are series of assistant directors. And then each of those assistant directors have their own top deputies. So this person was a deputy director, clearly a senior person. They clearly. Work in the during the Komi McCabe. Erica's leaks in question are during that time frame of two thousand fifteen when the peace stroke and investigations, Hillary Clinton and Russia collusion going on. And we know one of the most serious offenses, that was confirmed, by the idea was this deputy assistant director of the FBI leak information that was under seal by federal court, meaning they violated in. We're in contempt of the law by leaking something that a court had sealed, so that we know their identity. We don't know there's about twenty five to thirty deputy directors, and we don't know which one but we know the rank, and we know the offenses that were confirmed. Okay. Do we know where McCabe at this point? We don't it's incredibly murky there was a very clear referral. He was clearly terminated there's been plenty of documentation since that time to emerge substantiated McCabe wrongdoing. But there's no evidence of a grand jury indictment or any of those sort of activities that would suggest that this moment, he's moving towards some sort of criminal liability. So I think that's the question that Greg just said, is there a dual system of Justice when people look at these cases, that's the first question that comes to mind? I don't think there's any doubt about it, but things seem to be changing and trading changing now rather dramatically, we've got a delay on the inspector general's report. Greg jarrett. But we're being told apparently for good reason as the investigation into the abuses, I am told is going to be very, very brutally honest and tough. And I do believe there will be a lot of people implicated in terms of having broken laws but it even runs deeper than that. And now we. I have a moment where John Durham is now going to go and interview Christopher Steele. And we learn last week that the CIA top officials that could have been very well responsible for the phony dossier that they knew was phony and not verified and never corroborated a spread to the media to impact the two thousand sixteen election. I think we're just realizing that the inspector general and the new department of Justice under William bar with the aid of John Durham, are, are just touching the tip of the iceberg, and that there is such evidence of corruption below the surface that it's going to take a long while to swint through in dig through and sort, it all out, and hold people accountable. And, and so, yeah, it doesn't surprise me at the I g report is not going to be coming out right now. And perhaps it's held in abeyance pending. The interview of Christopher Steele, who is. Hugh, and I've talked about on air is a critical person. I mean, this is the guy who could say, I warned the FBI and the department of Justice that this was uncorroborated information and that they needed to go out in vetted themselves. Now, doesn't explain why he was peddling it to the media claiming that it was verified. But if he warned everybody and there's evidence of that, then that makes the corrupt acts by James Comey, and Andrew McCabe and all the others who signed off on the Faisal warrant appear criminal. Well, and I think that's where we're headed. And I think this is going to be so comprehensive that I don't think anybody really has a full idea yet and it's not going to be a dud like Tamala report, which is was a dud. And I don't think expectations are set high if the rule of laws followed, I think everything we have enough evidence. Now on our own that we know that all of these things happen. Quick break. More with Gregg Jarrett, author of the number one bestseller. 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