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First of all. Thank you so much for joining us today. On thirty one thoughts the podcast and as we've talked about before on this show everybody listening everybody involved in this program Everybody goes through journeys of self discovery throughout their life. And i just wanna start this by congratulating you on your journey of self-discovery that brought you to this moment to day. How do you feel now. I feel amazing. You know. I kind of started this process back in june of last year when i started telling most of my family and friends and just being able to finally come to terms with things being okay with who i am and living my true self. You know this past year has been crazy with Cuts it's been amazing just to kind of go through this journey and be myself. Who's the first person you told it was my sister. And if you'd ask me that you know three or four years ago that would i probably would have laughed in your face because me and my sister were not close at all. And when we came back from calgary me and my brother when covert and are seizing canceled just created this really cool bond and those first four five six weeks when we couldn't really do anything we were kind of inseparable always doing stuff together hanging out in the house playing board games stuff like that. She was the first person i told and styles probably around in april and we had this really cool bond that we gathered over kovin. She's always been there for me when i've had questions or when i haven't been feeling as myself Then i should and it's been really cool to create that bond with her and see how much support she has for me. One of the reasons. I want to ask about this. Luke is your nineteen now and there's going to be a lot of teenagers who are going to hear this and they're gonna say. Luke did the journey that i'm going to need to do. And they're going to be very thankful you did this. And they're gonna feel emboldened that you did this so they're gonna kinda wanna know how you did it so they can understand how they might be able to do it for sure for me. I mean it wasn't lake. I woke up one day. And i was like. Oh i'm gonna tell my mom or i'm gonna tell my dad or i'm going to tell you know all my best friends. It came to me at a time. Where i just felt really comfortable in that moment and i was like okay. You might not get this feeling again for a while and you'd like to tell it to them rather than having someone else find out like from someone else. So when i talked to alanna. I was sitting in my room. I was watching some sort of movie just kind of thinking about you know what i might say. Or what am i tell her. And i'm just gonna. I'm just said screw it so i went upstairs to her room is. She was the first person i told so. It was very emotional. You know. I started breaking down in tears soda. She and it just came to that moment where it's like something something inside of me. It was like okay. You need to tell her. And then that's kind of how it was for everyone that i that i told you. Know with my best friends It was just a random day. We're playing spike ball. And then we came back to my house. We all kind of gathered around my kitchen counter. And again i just had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I'm gonna tell these guys. And you know i'm gonna see what the reaction is if it's good if it's not. I'm still going to be happy that i told them. So that's how it came for me. It might not be the same way for other individuals. But that's how it me. What was the reaction like. I mean i have not had. Someone have a bad reaction. It seems like nowadays. Almost everyone knows someone who's gone through the coming out. Process has a family member or a friend who's gale and it was a very emotional topic for mother. My first few times i had spoken about it with my mom with my sister with my dad especially my best friends because those are the people that like if they don't accept it and they don't support you. It's almost like you wish you hadn't told them just because they're so important to you in your life. But i mean all the reactions. I've gotten have been so supportive of the people i've told have been emotional as well. You know. it's just one part of me. I'm still their best friend. Doesn't change the way they look at me. You know to some of my teammates. I've told you know it doesn't change the way they look at me in the locker room or how we hang out outside of hockey. I'm still luke. I'm still a hockey player. I'm still their best friend. So all the reactions. I have had an amazing. I'm fifty two years old. Luke and i grew up playing hockey in toronto in an era. Where how should i say. This hockey wouldn't allow someone to come out. It was near impossible just knowing what they would go through and it destroyed lives. It destroyed people at destroyed relationships. How is hockey. Been for you and did this sport. Keep you from being you for what you now understand is probably too long a time. I don't think so. I mean obviously with hockey. The locker room is something that people talk about when this stuff comes up with the the banter in some of the actions and stuff like that. Personally i didn't. I mean i didn't really feel the people that did it. You know it was almost like those. Were the people that i wasn't going to tell you know early on because i wasn't comfortable with because i could see in other actions i didn't want them to. I didn't want them to know from me. Just 'cause just didn't feel comfortable or didn't feel right with me because of how they're acting or what they were saying. So i mean. I had only told two of my teammates. Gone calgary and those guys. Were you know the people that i had trusted obviously with the biggest secret of my life and i had known them previously for four three years outside of playing with calories so i had known those guys long time hockey. I don't think so to your point of it was the process of me being comfortable with it. i mean. even. If i didn't play hockey i still think it would've taken me this long as well and everyone has a different journey. Everyone has a different path. And how how young. And how when when they wanna come out if anything. Maybe hockey is actually made me. Wanna do it sooner Just because i have seen you know. I've seen so much stuff on the internet and going through this whole process. I've done a lot of research and you know. I think this is something that hockey needs and definitely needs more of a needs. No more awareness towards this topic in you know. I wanted to bring attention to it. And so i wouldn't say that it was rushed in the sense that this is why i'm doing it but it was obviously a reason for me to come out for sure. So when you went back to calgary this year for the short season your brother..

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