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Is WNYC ninety three point nine FM and AM eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation. Live from NPR news in Culver City, California. I'm Wayne Brown. The attorney general of Virginia admits he dressed up in black face in one thousand nine hundred eighty escalating the scandal surrounding Democrats in control of the executive mansion as NPR's Andrew Limbaugh reports. He's second in line for the Virginia governorship, Virginia attorney, general, Mark herring. In a statement wrote that when he was a nineteen year old undergraduate. He went to a party dress as the rapper Kurtis blow, quote because we did not have an appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of others we dressed up and put on wigs and Brown makeup. Indie hypothetical scenario that current governor. Ralph Northam steps down over his current scandal with a racist yearbook picture and Lieutenant governor just in Fairfax steps down over the sexual assault allegations. He faces attorney general herring would be next in line to be governor of Virginia. Herring wrote that honest conversations and discussions will. It clear whether I can or should continue to serve as attorney general, adding he was deeply deeply sorry for the pain. He causes. Angela Bong NPR news Richmond. The Justice department has filed a civil lawsuit against a Philadelphia nonprofit that's planning a supervised injection site to come to combat the opioid crisis. As Bobby Allen from member station. WHYY reports other cities, including New York, Denver and Seattle have discussed similar proposals. That department of Justice is suing a Philadelphia nonprofit trying to open a site where people can use opioids under the eye of medical staff advocates of supervised injection sites say they can save lives in the opioid crisis. But federal officials say it's in your face illegal activity, this marks the first time the federal government has taken legal action against the site where people can use opioids under medical supervision. The idea has saved lives in Canada in Europe. But Justice department attorney Bill mix Wayne says such site has no place in America. Stocks finished lower today across the board on Wall Street. You're listening to NPR and this is WNYC in New York. I'm Jamie Floyd, a new building introduced to the New York state legislature aims to raise the minimum wage for inmates across the state. The measure would set the minimum wage for prisoners had three dollars per hour. In may to work are currently paid less than one dollar per hour. At most state, prisons move has the support of the national labor union Communication Workers of America Halen. Enjoy the deputy political director for CWA says this is both a social Justice and a labor issue, especially looking at the situation of inmates, and folks incarcerated it's just so inhumane that in addition to serving their time, you know, they're being treated like subhuman choices that raising the minimum wage could help support inmates in addressing life out of prison after their release. East New Jersey attorney general Verbier gray wall says a new Trump administration policy could destroy the state's online gambling industry. Wants the department of Justice begins enforcement that starts in mid April under the current interpretation of the wire act people need to be within state limits to place an online bet, but the new policy will consider credit card and Bank transactions that ping out of state servers as a violation of the law. Daniel Munoz is state reporter at nj biz. The concern is that the federal government take this violates the new interpretation of the wire actor freebie to stop it. In a letter to the DOJ gray wall is asking the federal government to reconsider the policies. Also requesting correspondence with casino magnate and Trump mega donor Sheldon Adelson to see whether they had any influence in crafting the new policy and the governor of New Jersey says that the administration is changing how the state handles allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. But attorney Katie McClure says otherwise she says she is the lawyer rather representing Katie Brennan. And she says that they are suing the Murphy administration and the governor's 2017 campaign for hiring Alvarez for a state job. Even after the accused Alvarez of raping Katie Brennan while they both worked at the governor's campaign. Does this clarify for them their right? Maybe a little more specifically. Yes. But it doesn't create any new rights or protection McClure says the changes that clarify certain aspects of state policy, but don't address restrictive confidentiality requirements. It's forty four degrees. Support for NPR comes from WNYC members. And from indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where employers can post jobs and.

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