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But i have often said that if you were making a movie of akiba's life you wouldn't start with the story i started with you would start with a somewhat more famous story in that is it's all about love that his he falls in love with this woman she is the daughter i mean it's a it's it's like a cliche obviously hollywood all those innocent of jewish producers in hollywood they're lessing yet by the way we ask playing a caravan ghanim have the movie rights bensayah not yet i may be as george clooney know but i really want a cameo i don't know what position exactly would be but maybe i'm at knocks heard or not not come as early as our heart zone anyway i you know he falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy man the the wealthy man doesn't like the heard his daughter marrying such a you know set of both in ignorant person jewish lee speaking and a kind of lowerclass individual from what we can gather and he he basically kicks his daughter out of the house and she agrees to marry him if he will go study toro and then he becomes the greatest sage of his time and integrate ending this really good ending he comes back to town and of course the the fatherinlaw doesn't recognize the kid that he had kicked out with his daughter and the father what comes to this great sage to ask him a question and when he realizes who akiva is he says uh you know if you if i had only known who you were putt of course he wasn't that yet.

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