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Right April twenty six two thousand nineteen it's the season. Finale. My name's Jack O'Brien and be aka Nikola dead. Joe Kebich Gregg Popovich Russell textbook. Ak Jamie Wilner that is courtesy of Christianity who Tremaine and she's at beans a lot. Perfect to the room. Yes. And I'm thrilled to be joined by special guest co host I face on Mount Zion for I placing your heart taller than you thought. She was. Thing your average the Aboni. She's little miss, Jamie lofta. Okay. No. I just sent you bug's. A bug is a type of encrypted love from me. Guys. We're plex leads right because I just had Zamboni. And that's that's it. So that's at just TD. Bugs like the the computer votes because you're bug play. Because you're Packer there. Code. You don't know that you don't know. That's fine. That's totally. Biggies head. If you don't know that is fun. Chiller at it. Music. Well, we are through the joint in Arras third. Five hilarious. So wonderful. Joel MO new. Let's to and I know nobody person adorable. Truly a very cute room. Joel. How are you? So good. So good. good. Then the last vendors movie, which is a music my roommate's mamas in town. She's way chill. I love getting high with parents. It's like my favorite batch. Let me introduce you to the good stuff. Yeah. It's been great. And are you? Introducing them to lake good weed for the first time like yeah. I think so she's. Ohio's. Not trusting anything. She's getting. Let me ask you up. Slowly, let's start with some like light edible. Then. We'll just work our way up to like some Skywalker OG. We'll be good. Skywalker kema. Tom watch out for that stuff. I always say. Well, we're going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment. First we are going to take our listener. Oh, I should say off the top miles is just out for a couple of days. He'll be back. Don't read anything into the fact that I was out yesterday, and now miles is that we can be in the same room. We are still really good friends, everyone you can check my Twitter feed for all the official conspiracy theory. There are some cheating. You know, there's a lot going on. I just want to be here for you. The real T is miles is cheating on me. But well, that's a likely story right now. But I was going yesterday miles talked about how it is on the hunt for some really dope eighty birkenstocks. And as you guys can see I copped them. And I mean, my my feeder hideous, but still you'd never know never know gorgeous, stocks those gorgeous stuff. All right. We are going to get into what we're talking about today. First of all, we're going to say just fuck Brexit because will maybe cheating on Kate. We're gonna talk about Joe Biden joining the race. And you know, the fact that he's a front runner and why the fuck and why and why? What we're going to talk about whether Trump's fall in the approval ratings from the Muller report is over. We're gonna talk about whether net flicks is killing America's sex drive. Which is a story that you see frequently the fact that this new technology is killing America's extra. Netflix is not new technology. I knew it this just boring. Exactly. Can it just be that?.

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