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And why it is not memorable to anybody is a big sign that you would just it was all pomp and circumstance and no story or rather the story was just dumb uh but the visions were incredible that was why so many people kept going to see in the theaters it looked great story was terrible so with this film when it starts off and we see these alien creatures the yes that there could be some similarities uh but the depth of design with the creatures was awesome it was really in several years since avatars might yes it has and the technology has definitely progress and that was something that luke basan even admitted in some the interviews he was like i have wanted to make this movie for decades i had to wait for the technology to catch up to where it should be which same with avatar james cameron i've talked about it before he was like hey guys i wanna make this movie i need a camera that does this this this and there were like mr cameron at that that doesn't exist and he was like cool how much will it take to make a camera the does that narrowly exum anew like cool here's a cheque mickey camera boom red cameras so he had decreed technology to make his film this when we benefited from the technology that is already there so we start through the movie hunt hist alien planet of we get to know a few of the the creatures and aliens on this planet.

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