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The next twenty years. I'm totally fine with Louis and so get used to. Kansas City is going to be great and a week from tonight you. We're going to have our first major sports event with the draft. Get excited you guys It's nice to see the chiefs. Be Able to take somebody off the board. On the first night pumping haven't done in quite absolutely absolutely last. Few jet skews me drafts. Chiefs fans have been sitting on their hands through the first day. Waiting on day. Two Let's see any name come across the board for Kansas City. So it's GonNa be great exciting. Football is back. Hopefully everything will be done with the crow virus we can get things back and forth swing season that is not guaranteed or promised but you know as football fans you prepare for the worst and hope for the best so. Chris a lot going on here in the NFL as crazy as it sounds. We've covered all these today. All these issues today and we're going to be doing more shows here coming up. Kansas City but I do WanNa touch base on something this evening. I will be doing a podcast with Chris Crane Brewing Company in Kansas City. Christopher Myers is the owner. And we're just going to touch base on issues with You know the corona virus and what it is done to the community and how local businesses can come together and get through this tough time. Because Chris. I've seen you post this on social media. It's not it couldn't be more important time to shop local and support your local businesses. So I just WanNa create an opportunity for these Kansas City local businesses that come on and share their concerns or their ideas or innovation on moving forward how they can how business can help each other. Get through this So I think that this pandemic has let the world know that it takes everyone working as a team to make all of this happened. Make life happen and things are hard right now. Everybody can come together and do the things that it will take to get past this. I think everybody will be okay but again. We'll have cream brewing company on tonight and probably some more businesses to come so Kansas City. Look for that. I know it's not football. But we're community this is chiefs kingdom and we all one so no matter. What the topic. This is Kansas City. And we want to show here on Casey Kingdom Radio that it's not just about football it's about life and I look forward to having you know Chris on self. Thank you Kansas City. That is our episode today and look. I will be talking with you all this evening. Chris thank you for coming on the show and I will talk to you next time. Well this kingdom radio I'm your host Richard Smith. Kansas City. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for tuning in to go to podcast for. Everything can't.

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