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Uh that is a gentleman named Caleb Johnson Johnson. Let me go ahead and tell you. I really liked that. A Lot. This goal you can go to Caleb Johnson official DOT COM John's band is trying to play and they aren't allowed yet. We said No. It's not you're tired. So we have shunned the raven coming up here next but so we read you guys the list of now. These are not the inductees these. These are the nominees correct nominees cracked. So these are the people that you could. They're still kind of voting. Decisions are next week. Actually fluish okay. I kind of feel so we will probably revisit this whenever the Apron. Yeah we'll probably be revisiting it then then a little bit but there's so many things coming up future podcast. This month include bands to watch in two thousand twenty. So that's going to be fun. And the Best Tours of two thousand twenty lily loves to go so that might be more like instead of ten twenty list so we. We're going to try to keep you guys this year trying to keep you guys up to date as to what's happening in the year music things that she likes to see events etc.. So how how do you wanNA start here girl. Do you want me to give a little brief history. Yeah let's let's take a little step tap into Mr peabody's way back machine okay. The sort of background on the rock gives us a little background on the rock. Okay Yeah So. It was established in one thousand nine hundred three by gentleman named Summit Summit teagan honor Digan Ertegun. Okay He was a businessman songwriter. Philanthropist he actually co founded Atlanta Atlantic records and was the president and the original team for the foundation included rolling stone publisher Jann s winner. Who of course? We're not a fan of rolling stone. That much I record record exacts Seymour Seymour Stein. Bob Kraft now and Noreen Noreen Woods and attorneys Allen Grubman Suzanne Evans. They started inducting the artists in nineteen eighty six And then of course eventually Cleveland be the home for the museum there. Civic leaders pledged sixty five million dollars in public money to fund the Construction and they also stated the reason is because is They're famous disc jockey on freed coined. The term rock and roll. Artists are inducted in the Rock Hall of fame at an annual ceremony as we all know generally early ranging from half dozen to a dozen and the first class of inductees January twenty third nineteen ninety-six included Elvis Presley James Brown Little Richard Fats Domino Ray Charles Chuck Berry. Sam Cook the Everley brothers Buddy Holly and Jerry Lewis with Robert Johnson and Jimmy Rogers and Jimmy Antsy were inducted as early influences. John Hammond received the lifetime achievement award. Alan freed who I mentioned. Sam Phillips where the inducted as non-performers. So they had a pretty easy decision that first year with WHO to choose news. I mean sort of a no brainer. All of those. I can say absolutely every they all belong. Absolutely those are the those are the the granddaddies great great granddaddies of of a rock and roll. Yes absolutely perfect. What more could you say? There are four categories though what are the four categories performers early influence non-performers and Seidman K.. So and I do have the criteria we'd like to go okay. So criteria includes the influence and significance of the artists can contributions to the development and evolution of rock and roll block approval. Voting is used news with those nominees received the most votes being inducted subject to a minimum of fifty percent approval around five to seven performers inducted every year and a nominating committee committee composed of rock and roll historian. Select names for the performers category which are then voted on by roughly five hundred experts across the world though selected to vote load include academics journalists producers and other others within the music industry. and Oh they say it's not about popularity ready record sales or which label the group or artist is on which I beg to differ on some of these but we'll get into that later. Okay so we. We have a list of approximately how many people are now. These are not the inductees these are the people are saying. Well we're thinking about you know they're up for more consideration. Sixteen this year we got sixteen. That are up for consideration As you read the list earlier well first of all doc we there's no definition of rock and roll unfortunately in the bylaws is or whatever you WANNA call it the the the rules or whatever that part of it becomes subjective. There's that old gray area and and those of us who have been around a long time have a hard time accepting certain artists as being influential. And that's the key word I think is sort of like the development of the development of rock and roll the being influential inspiring the next generation as you will some of these people just in terms of rock music. You know Whitney Houston's onto list isn't she yes okay let's just we're going to just start there. You want to start there. I'll start with Whitney. You have a little background. Anna Whitney Houston background anybody. I feel everybody knows who have. Okay let me get into Whitney Houston for a minute. Whitney Houston's amazing singer just insanely a gifted vocalist yes. She even sang some rock songs. She's not rock artist at all not even by any stretch of the imagination when she Iraq artist nor do I believe that she really influenced any rock and roll there. There might be somebody. There are far better female singers. That should be in this category. I think somebody has been nominated who I think. We talked about last year as an important person in rock. We did a Verses night we'll talk about it in this is. This isn't how talented Whitney Houston was. Because she is amazing vocalist amazing but she's not has nothing to do with rock music. Nothing nothing nothing nothing. Nothing nothing nothing nothing. Did she write songs. She sang other sort of doubt it. What you you want it might notes are great singer? Should you be in this fame. Maybe not their way better female vocalists that can be in this category as well. So this is where we run into issues When you try to set something like this up I think there is there is there are monetary forces at play because a large portion of the nation is African American? So maybe this is an effort to appeal to that crowd to make them feel included in the thing and their their tons of black rock artists. A UH tons tons of them I mean somebody like Prince absolutely belongs in the rock and Roll Hall of fame. James Brown of course Little Richard Little Richard Tons of him. Lenny Kravitz is Lenny Kravitz in the Rydell. I don't I don't know I want to say now. I might be wrong lenny. Guy Whose influence a lot I don't know if he's had twenty five years since last her his first album though which is sort of thing might not be. Yeah Okay Yeah. He's early nineties artists. Okay it was the okay. I wasn't sure because I remember years ago. But I'm sure it's been nominated. I'm going to say that that You could put Lenny Kravitz in their crazy. I I made somebody could chime. I'm in live and let me know. Maybe maybe he's already in there he could be but but but in any case in any case so I think that there's some of that That that going on as well you you know they're trying to you know we're in an age trying to date diversity all inclusive. Let's bring everybody gets a trophy for participating kind of yeah. Maybe that's what this is is this is everybody gets a trophy for participating as the whole thing kind of gets watered down. So I'm I'm sorry I gotta give like a thumbs down to know on. Say No to Whitney Houston Whitney Houston did not get my vote. Either do the public voting. Oh you do yes every day and it's just not if we're going to have a rock and Roll Hall of fame you've got to be a rock and roll artist or are you really gotta be like somebody who had tons of artists have come out and said Oh my God it was so influenced a lot of rock artists who say Johnny cash was a giant influence on them. Okay so I can kind of you know. Okay we could. We could bring Johnny. And maybe but Whitney Houston I hit the button on Whitney Houston again. We're not poo pooing on her talent. She's very talented she. Just this doesn't belong in this hall of fame. Shouldn't be on this ballots in our opinions. Whitney Houston gets a big no next to her name name in our show notes. So what you got next. We'll do from there. We will just kind of go over but I wanted to do something. That is just really kind of how far are we have strayed and sort of again. We're trying to be so like multicultural. An all inclusive and everybody gets a trophy that I think we are really watering this down. And and what I think it hurts. Does it really matter. No you like I love the music. I Love Lily loves music. She loves you know everybody all our fans you guys all of the music yellow. It doesn't make a difference. You don't like stop listening somebody. 'cause they're not in the Rock Hall Right. Yeah it doesn't it doesn't matter but sometimes it is nice to have other people in the community kind of like have a little consensus about like we all Agree.

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