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Monday now broadcasting from the Bob and Sheri Studios Shares Gary. I got a story year and I would like your thoughts and feelings on we use okay. A group of psychologists have said that listening learning to too much Christmas music is actually very bad for your mental health. Wise that because it's Maudlin while a couple of reasons for starters listening to Christmas songs Makes it difficult to focus on anything other than Christmas ideas whether that's shopping topping decorating or cookie that makes sense doesn't it so it's really distracting and they've found that and this is now. This is an unfortunate name. Dr Linda Blair over the poor thing. Yeah Dr Linda Blair said they. They've actually studied people people who work in retail this time of the year and they find that they have learned tune out the Christmas music. Otherwise they make mistakes and they can't focus On what they're doing because you know at Christmas music is a novelty. It's not ubiquitous well and it's such a trigger for memory it can good good and distracting good and bad it sends you down the road and they've found also that here in the same songs over and over again on repeat he also can cause your sanity to suffer. I would think if it's tight playlist because they're just picking the very favorite Britt songs and you're a clerk and you're there for maybe ten hours a day Christmas time you're hearing here comes Santa Claus US ten times. I the thing. I'm of two minds on on the most known Christmas Song because like I love all those classic Christmas songs but for people that listen to Christmas music starting the day after Halloween which is true for a lot of our listeners music music you can't just listen to those and so you'll find yourself like I'll be driving down the car listening to Christmas music on the radio and it'll be frosty the snowman in and silver bells and Blue Christmas and then and now this one from Vince Gill and it's a song about Grandma's holiday Garland that I've never heard before right right or it'll it'll be by some artists you don't even know and it's attempting to be upbeat and it'll be it Christmas balls those Christmas balls deck in halls with the Christmas balls and you find yourself just GonNa love this but you're you're sucked in because the hooky thing. Yeah I I cannot be in certain types of Christmas music from my home because that would be wrong but I try as hard as I can to not have modal Christmas music because it can see us bumps. Well listen to this now. This is a challenge. This is a challenge for you while you're shopping gene upbeat Christmas store upbeat Christmas songs. People love them right. Jingle Bell Rock rocking around the Christmas I want for Christmas is view. All I want for Christmas is you. They're not Maudlin. They make you feel good but when stores play. Those people rushed through the shopping experience cases cases. You want people to slow down look at the merchandise. You gotta get the little drummer boy. Or all I want for Christmas silent night slows them down because the beat is slower white. It's not as peppy. The tempo the slower the tempo lower the shop Earnhardt uh-huh stores. WanNa keep you in the store which is why you know there you are. You're in the store or you're looking for something for your grandma airs. The little drummer boy away. Like moving through molasses. What's that really serve model in song which I'll be home for Christmas? The only in my dreams the Christmas Christmas shoes do they do. They really want me going up to the cash register crying shoes. I can't don't even don't even. I can't even think opposites. Well that's interesting and you know it makes percents. Oh now this time of year. Pay attention when you're out in a store. Pay attention to the music. They're playing and see if that what this Study says holds true that you're more likely to hear those Maudlin nostalgic slow holiday classics retail. I like UPTEMPO. Christmas music preferred instrumentals of songs. That I know you know so. It's song that I know an UPTEMPO but I have to really focus on the lyrics because his instrumental bill jazzy adding. That's what I like. That's at Your House but in a store I know they're going to play the instrumental. Low Down Tempo version. Evidently they said they can keep you picking through the merchandise. It's Bob and Sheri and stuff you won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri odd cast on the Bob and Sheri Sorry App. Get it now in store or Google play. What is Christmas but an excuse to pull out some of your favorite stuff that you've had forever decorate with it leg lake this break that we absolutely love? Let's dusted off and play right. Todd brought me this thing called confusing claws and he said do not read it ahead. The time just read it on the air. He says it's hysterical. So if it sucks it's this time it's not my fault. How do you like being in that seat? who's who is in the WHO's in the In the target seat now big boy. Hey who brought you the crazy frog yesterday today. Can't be any worse than any of the list that you've come up with lately. We'll see we'll see about that. You sit down in that target seat over there Bob Alright so things you can do. Confused Santa Claus. Are you just going to look at stuff. You'RE GONNA I'M GONNA listen. Another list from Bob is on me it is. I don't pay. Don't roll your eyes. I got enough of that. Scare you while you this. Todd brought this to the table so we have steered him. Kim stared him if it sucks. Okay because I don't know what this is all right Number eighteen eighteen ways to confuse laws. Number one I thought he'd go backwards and then end with number one the best killing the bit. I'm sorry yeah you don't want me to do it now. What are you Santa Claus number one instead of milk and cookies salad in a note explaining you think you could stand to lose a few pounds? That's good oh number two. While he's in the house you'll find his sleigh and write him a speeding ticket number three. Leave him a note explaining that you've gone away for the holidays. Ask if he would mind watering your plants in confusing clause number four while he's in the house replace all the reindeer with exact replicas. Then wait and see what happens when he tries the number five. Keep an angry bull in your living room. If you think a bull goes crazy when he sees a little Red Cape wittily sees the big rig Santa suit once again. Confusing Claus brought to us by number six build. An army of me looking snowman on the roof holding signs that say we hate Christmas. Go Away Santa on selling I'm selling your work can eat his best. She can number seven leave a note by the telephone telling Santa that Mrs Claus Call and wanted to remind him to pick up some milk and a loaf of bread on the way home. The number eight throw a surprise party Santa when he comes down. The chimney refused to let him leave until the strippers arrive five. That's that's the one that got this on the air number nine while Santa's in the house Vajna sleigh and sit. It is soon as he comes back and sees you tell him that he shouldn't have missed that. Last payment take off number ten. Leave a plate filled with cookies. He's in a glass of milk out with a note that says for the tooth fairy leave another played out with a half stale cookie and a few drops of skim milk in a dirty glass with a note that says for Santa for Santa Ways to confuse clause. Don't even don't even give me the NFL. You don't feel like you you I am. This is not mine. This is super todd. Did you just end the music because you want to end the bit number eleven. Take everything out of your house. As if it's just been robbed when Santa arrived show up dressed like a policeman and say well they always return to the scene of the crime number twelve. Leave out a copy of your Christmas list with last minute. Changes and corrections number thirteen while he's in the house cover the top of the chimney with barbed wire number fourteen leave lots of hunting trophies. Guns.

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