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Com. Check it out. Megan what is going on with you kiddo. You always doing such great stuff for you writing on anything right now. What are you working. I am writing on a forthcoming show. it doesn't even have a name yet. So that's how like. I'm assuming it's documentary kidding into comedy. It's yeah it's it's going to be a late night comedy And then my husband. And i hope podcast together all the greatest and we doing it down. Our greatest choices in many many different sports categories. Most recently we did greatest european. nba players. Don't right now coach. yeah and then. I have a forthcoming. I don't even know if i can say this. But i'm gonna say i have a fourth coming podcast with the lifetime network where i might. Naomi kerogen and i are watching lifetime movies for the lifetime network and then breaking them down for listeners. Know if you guys are taking gasp if you ever do i will sign my grandmother. Rosemarie van kirk up. She is ninety years old and she will. She will give you any hot. Take you on any lifetime movie. Yeah yes i listen. I want her So we're gonna get hurt. We are lucky enough to wear every episode. We interview either an actor from the film director or the writer of the feds. So you're gonna have meredith baxter birney on eleven times. That's she i. This is such a good idea. Good the next thing you have to do is do it for hallmark movie hallmark christmas movies but israeli but when the contracts were going on i mean you guys sometimes these podcast contracts is child west and so they're going back and forth back and forth back and forth and then they finally were just like okay. They can't do a podcast for the hallmark channel. And we're like we're not gonna do because those guy this is. What episode are you guys gonna talk about mother. May i sleep with murder. I need with murder. You need burning bed. I want all of it staircase. Whatever the one. I just watched the other night was.

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