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Ms Woods decided to give Mister Jefferson a kidney after seeing a plea for a donor in a facebook post over the weekend the CBC's Gail Harding. Sat Down with PAT. Jefferson and Natalie Wood's me as woods talking about responding to that post one of my students and now now driving perk hits home from school and so small world tat was my favorite bus driver. He was the nicest one there can't remember him because there was one day that he came. He came to pick us up and he was wearing big cloud leak. And I'll never forget that once. It's all done and over that. Don't have to go to dialysis anymore and I hope to continue my job healthier and more vibrant than before. Do you know why the weight has been so long. When you knew you've been a viable mash this long. We found out that two doctors left Halifax Hospital. And they've been trying to replace so basically. We're saying that it's just waiting to get doctors and and the backlog of trying to catch up and it was very frustrating so as I say we we decided to get our La Michelle Conroy. Involved than she was calling the health minister of New Brunswick in helping. New Brunswick is calling the Health Minister Nova Scotia and they're all trying to work together and try to make this happen so but it still wasn't. It's dragged out mostly. It's frustrating when you know you have a donor and then all of a sudden you gotTa wait. Wait then once it happened like we've been on a high so forgetting things so you're really now counting the hours till this is going to happen and now we go snowstorm to drive down. Jebsen Natalie Wood's from Mir Machine New Brunswick speaking with the CBC. Ms Woods is donating a kidney to Mister Jackson this week smurfs theme song which they express their.

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