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Of the way, let's work together. Let solve the crisis at the border. Let's figure out how it doesn't make a massive impact on any one particular community. Like, we're seeing a lot of the border towns along or southern we're one of the. All right. So we wanted to make that clip longer to give it as much time as possible because the description associated with this clip, and I'm quoting here. Chris wallace. Methodically destroys Trump's plan to ship migrants to sanctuary cities right to Sarah, Huckabee Sanders face. That's verbatim. The description of that clip. Okay. So given the description of that clip, and what you just saw title start with you this time is that fake news or not. Chris Wallace just showed you the poster child for fake news. That is the fakest of fake news. He what he should be asking is if a border, which is. One of the most basic concepts of sovereignty a well. Regulated in defended border. For it to have come to where we are. Now where a solution like this can be put on the table. That's what he should be. Wondering isn't that? The fact that we are even discussing this as a concept at all a sign of how broken things have gotten. But no, he's acting as if everything is reasonable and gray area nuance up until this point. But now all of a sudden were dealing in crazy line. We try to do something. The Trump is actually saying, hey progressives. You've got an idea over there, you keeping knowing the lawn creating this place where you want them. So we're going to give you even more every premise about this that Chris Wallace takes up is just backwards and. He is better. He's got to be better than this. Go away. He he's not Eric. Yeah. No. This is just one quick comment about this. This is a typical tactic of a left wing media, which is basically all of mainstream media, you notice how he goes to one particular person who says a specific set of facts. Yeah. See we have this expert over here who says this this this, and this why how how did air you? How dare you be contrarian to the expert? Explain yourself. Yep. One final clip here. This. Well, he argues that you're quarrel is with him as a gay, man. And that he says I was born this way. And this is the way God made me, that's your belief. I think I think Pete squirrels with first amendment. Feud is what the that's that. He so you here. Mike Pence comes back. But I think it's quarrels what the first amendment talking about P, but 'age who's having his moment in the sun right now. But this is a feud between but 'age and pets Aaron I'm going to start with you fake news or not. Well, that is that's fake news. Here's what I what I'm focusing on is is his comment. His feud is what the first amendment when I heard him say that the Mike Pence whose knees buckled on Riffa all of those memories came flooding into my brand my sperm count dropped your sperm count dropped. Todd sperm count dropped everyone in this audiences sperm count dropped even the women guys. Guys..

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