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I i know that you know we have learned a lot last fifteen twenty years. What do we know about their function. of our officers sites in the okay. So you know the easiest thing to do. It's to think about what they do in that one day doing this right. So in the first of june development they will guide you know newroz. Extend these accents right. These kind of like extensions so astro Guide those accents in addition astra sites with also guide the formation of a series of membranes. That kind of wrap or the central nervous system and they are called the manages. The blood brain barrier died is tightly controlled blabbering tightly controlled by the astros sites and then also with astronauts do is a provide nutrients they provide factors for neurons to do well right. I'm also you might know that. Neurons you know. They communicate by secreting chemicals. Right that produced by one. The essentially anuron so astros sides can regulate the secretion on app. Take those chemicals and by doing so they can actually regulate sitemap communication neuro to neuro communications so then they can having ten roads in behavior for example the memory. Now that's five of kind of like what we call a mere static right like functions faster exciting have in the context of the seas. They first before they can stop doing all of them right. And obviously that creates problems out boost when we call near the generation which is just another death. He added on top of that they can actually drive inflammation within the brain with. You can imagine very by than literally they can secrete molecules that killed nuris and that. It's even stronger driver of near the generation. so so is it. Correct francisco thing about sort of the neurons is like the hardware and astral sites through right. Your function sectors cried provides energy utopians it regulates communication so s sites is sort of like the software is likely to think about it afterward certain extent i would say that both duro sastre the other legal sales right of had way which has each one has his own programs on software but what is important to understand is that only the consequences of the function of the central nervous system. They resigned from the directions and communication between all those different parts of hard work. And they don't take to put where they feel has been for years. Is that for years. We've focused on the neurons as the main source of program know function but now we need to zoom out a little bit staticy with all those other cells and the their communication. What do they do in order to produce what we know as a function of the central nervous system has to the given that they have a video important set of functions that that affects the neurons if -bility to work.

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