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A really a blessing to be able to do all that but the patriots you know they were clown show in the first thirty forty years of their existence and and now it's the opposite other a brand like the cowboys and the packers were and that kind of thing so that has flipped entirely the red sox thing you know and you can talk to our friends in chicago it it changes when they win i mean eighty six years you don't win and you win they're not as interesting as they were they're not and the cubs aren't either it's nobody's fault and you wanna win that's good but the whole uh dynamic changes once with you you're in the desert for eighty six years or a hundred four years of the cub thing was and and it just changes when the team wins in and the fans become different dan shaughnessy to commisson boss kinda reminds me um uh not to get to highbrow here but you know in in the maltese falcon greek daschle hamid uh detect a story you know there's there's that little uh there's a little story within his story to sleep krasts parable and in this that seamus passage were hammett writes um about uh about the crowd he just didn't cells to beams falling and then no more of them fell and he had to adjust himself to them not falling it seems to me that's what it's like to be a boston sports writer boston sports faith in uh in this day and age and i love the so true in and you know our group halvard ryan who was of course a great friend of your dad's and works along with him and in europe bob has has seen it but bob the one thing bob is now going for him that i had was bob grew up in trim so what the hell can he though the jersey guys who can hobbling now he's only been here for fifty years so we can't buy hillock like started on the same day with peter yemen's at the boston globe i believe 1968 sameday bobby kennedy was shot sits reading story oh i didn't realize it was data mike add we're speaking with degrade this from the boston globe dan shaughnessy who's been added now for forty five years which is amazing here's your only like 52 um uh you when you write that.

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