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The north broke public library next Tuesday at seven o'clock in Evanston public library next Wednesday at three his book is entitled the survivors it is Adam Frankel joining us wow wow wow wow that's all I can say first of all thank you for joining us how are you I'm doing good I'm doing great thanks for having me Adam tell me about that day that very moment when your life changed forever well it was it was a tough moment you know I know my I have got decent things together you know I mean my mother didn't come out and volunteer this information I started to put some the Paulson threads together had some conversations with her and my dad and and realize that my mother was withholding some information from me and was being a bit cagey about how much she wanted to share about my past why she split from my dad when I was young and I confronted her on it she she will continue to cut at Dodge the question and I push in question you know stand mom who's my dad who is my father and she finally told me and I'll tell you is it my it over the rug was pulled out from under me I mean I I'm very close to my dad and his family and I draw a lot of my identity from them in that moment I didn't know who I was I remember looking down at my legs and my hands and feeling like I was inhabiting a stranger's body and and that was the feeling I would have many times over the years I mean I I a in that moment I ask my mom you know who knows about this who knows that Daddy's in my biological father you know does dad know and she said no no god no would break his heart gosh I I held on to that secret for about a decade before well you from my own father before mustering the courage to have a conversation about it boy once you find something out like this you start to question your self worth your drive that that you thought came from your family bloodline that you question that I mean you must have just been in just completely lost I want you question everything I mean Hey it's a fundamental thing you know your parents who are your parents something that I think you know we all think we know what and it's it's such a bedrock part of our identity and it's you know it's not just your parents right at your grandparents cousins aunts and uncles I mean the whole family then all of a sudden I realized I was not related to by blood and you know the secrets around it the fact that my dad owned dad didn't know that my grandparents didn't know at least so I thought at the time that that none of my family knew that this had to be a secret that I would have to keep with my mother made it that much harder you know it was it turned out I learned years later that it you know one other person was in on the secret now is my biological father himself that it was a I I believe it or not it took me awhile to wrap my head around this one I was I was a secret baby that they decided to have I was a planned pregnancy so once I started trying to put the pieces together on my head just kept spinning faster and faster well the book is called the survivors tell me about that moment where you had the talk with your dad that he was your dad well you know I called him up and I said in this again was about almost a decade after I first learned this truth ice in years I don't answer can you ash I was terrified of talking about it and and it wasn't that I thought he would abandon me my dad my dad I knew we loved me but I was scared to death.

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