Law Enforcement, Murder, Las Vegas discussed on Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson


The program they are on our water out art aerial program where they have grenade praying for an hour copter whittet knock protocol or larger career and kirkman are among the law enforcement our copter no four accurate bureau higher it quiet motor crowder firewood boat wickert where you're near craft armed acquired murder aren't so like blue thunder yeah and acquired down there and you're an in rotor you think you're echoing order how 'bout that now you say they don't use it for large events y what's the i mean there are gathered your target benari could work on ferriter empire quite pitch awake you're an air your rear a guy would have gone into helicopter like you're doing poor or a like a rock out or all i got you i got barricaded thing break british protocol yet for the end user yeah but i think i listen i'm very happy that atlanta's is being proactive about this obviously what happened in las vegas showed a weakness in the system on how we protect our citizens no one would have thought well we certainly no one i know would have thought well you could you could kill a lot of people from that the top of that building onto this concert in a now we know that is possible so atlanta police i take my hat to them to being proactive on may be again that the biggest they have this might just be deterred if someone does want to copycat this and go from the top of the bellsouth building or one of the big buildings downtown and ceo i i got a clean shot at centennial olympic park here maybe the the choppers line round would be deterrent 404 eight seven 200 seven fifty one eight hundred.

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