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She was David for yeah. and they built a lovely wall together yeah she was very the victim own from eighty seven to ninety six now. first of all she was somebody before Vic Damone was yes you know very well I had. it wasn't home unless the Martin she was somebody famous another person on with her. Robert Frost not rubber. the last guy she was a writer so she wishes he feels a gust of. back to my phone okay as all of the victims yeah well that's okay that's good they were kind of a Steve anything but was dynasty none of what does the I guess he had a big problem that I was in and out of digesting it out with is when you know I forgotten that yeah he was one of the Dominique Devereaux yeah well she came on that show it just it really it just love the show was already hot and when she came on that show that was Joan Collins Collins like here woman that was his and Linda Evans went down then yeah the black the will to work here it was com don't calling yeah yeah yeah yeah well played the. Alexa look on here yeah yeah and I'm foresight I have a husband update okay okay Muncie K. from fifty six to sixty three okay and then we're going in in in Fred Glenrose say yeah it is not right. red loose for a year Robert daily own from seventy five to seventy seven and then she finished off with victims okay that was the last one at home is he still with us they don't know. are you alright thank you they got all kinds of dates there next to their names right the guys are I didn't mean to they got a D. next to he's not with us you can always ask Google to denigrate. I then he died last year all of the time yeah I almost got a chance to talk to Vic Damone on the way we get enough. it was actually it could it could be one of Kevin's better interview. it was you can do all the voices it was a Lee Iacocca's house and matter of fact I was because they were I yeah I was I was deejaying Leah daughter's birthday party is sixty sixtieth birthday party. I was deejaying her sixteenth birthday party at the house and course Mr Iacocca was there and the phone rang and it was right near I can pick it up obviously but it was Vic Damone we have to look to ask do not to tell her Happy Birthday and after you were done to the say if you want a better be DJ by one o'clock. they can find. the phone is it here's Vic Damone for Coppertone..

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