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Moore takes the oath of office as Maryland's first black governor in Annapolis tomorrow. Beforehand, he'll spend some quiet time a short distance from the state House at city dock. It's recognized as one of the places where enslaved Africans began arriving on the shores of what would become America. Moore will gather there with other black leaders to reflect on the past more tells the Baltimore sun. He considers city DACA sacred place and meeting there will be a way to acknowledge the journey that led him to become only the third elected black governor in U.S. history. Still a head after traffic and weather, what to do with your retirement money amid fears of a looming recession. 7 O 7. Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's IT modernization opportunities. Bill Rowan, the vice president of public sector at Splunk, says even with all the progress over the last few years, agencies have a unique opportunity to change their approaches to security and services even more. As we start to see modern applications now come up online, where we can start to put some of these security parameters in the applications as microservices as they're built. How does that redefine the way we actually manage some of these environments? Can we build some of the automation? Some of the observability of what's going on in the environment, can we actually build those into services that are part of modern applications? That has the ability to help redefine the way we actually operationalize security across the board. Let's Splunk Kara soft and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. Listen to the full program at federal news network dot com, keyword, innovation in government. 7 O 8. Michael and sons heeding tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks to the traffic center and Rita Kessler. Thanks, Michelle. If you're on the beltway it is the outer loop of the beltway delays coming off of southbound 95 in Maryland making your way around a past 29 coalsville road. This was the earlier wreck on the right shoulder, but it looks like everything is gone, but wow, it backed up 29 as well. Southbound slows out a white oak near New Hampshire avenue. Headed toward university boulevard and the beltway. Two 70 sound found, volume passing 85 than before 80 in urbana off and on past one O 9, starting to see more volume headed through Germantown and Gaithersburg but nothing major and then good to the lane divide. It is the Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound the delay out of green belt toward NASA Goddard and before powder mill road. That's a report of a wreck, southbound slows from 100 to one 75, and again, as you're passing one 97. Now, inside the beltway, it is tough getting into the district. Inbound 50 slows from four ten southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway from two O two, headed on to both New York avenue with the delay to the anacostia and then again before South Dakota avenue to delight at bladensburg road, or on to D.C. two 95, which is solid all the way toward Pennsylvania avenue. Inbound suitland Parkway slows before branch avenue to delight at Stanton road, off and on from there to the light at first Sterling, northbound I two 95 slows from the beltway headed past laboratory road and the inner loop headed to the Wilson bridge that delay from saint Barnabas road to the bridge. In Virginia, northbound 95, your delays in Stafford towards 6 ten from Dale City into woodbridge and from lorton into newington then in Springfield on to three 95 to edsel and from duke street headed toward king street, also slow from The Pentagon headed across the 14th street bridge and the case bridge headed on to the freeway, eastbound 66 starting to slow in manassas and the northbound George Washington Parkway in your gravelly point park. That's

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