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If retailers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren had never left the Wall Street journal reports that are merchants associations installed a static holiday window displays and for vacant stores along Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan the Fifth Avenue association says the group wants chopper strolling between Central Park and Rockefeller Center to see an uninterrupted stretch of holiday cheer New York City seen an increase in vacant storefronts in recent years the city's comptroller's office as the retail vacancy rate climbed to five point eight percent and twenty seventeen up from four percent in two thousand seven trump the troops in Afghanistan I'm Jim acquired an A. P. news been a president trump makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan his first to that country there's no where I'd rather celebrate this thanksgiving then right here with the toughest strongest best and bravest warriors on the face of the earth trump says there are peace talks going on with the telephone calls if they want to make it is going to be a real deal but we'll see but they want to make a deal and then I want to make a deal because you're doing a great job the president abruptly broke off the negotiations with the Taliban in September after a deadly bombing seven people for adults and three children are dead in the crash of a U. S. registered plane you're Kingston Ontario Canada estimation in the yesterday evening's crash is just now getting under way Chicago Bears knocked off the Detroit Lions on thanksgiving NFL football twenty four twenty the visiting Buffalo Bills beat Dallas twenty six fifteen New Orleans in Atlanta are playing today's third game in New Orleans I'm Tim acquire AP digital news back in a moment thank you for listening to the AP radio network Hey did you know that yes seated pressed produces news related books here's what's new and upcoming first pet presidential dogs cats and other critters deadly force fatal confrontations with the Hubble telescope.

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