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Jared Goff in the first half thirteen of seventeen two hundred fifty one yards four touchdowns. Huby rating of one fifty seven point five Kirk cousins on the other side twenty five of thirty two two hundred fifty five yards two touchdowns and a QB rating of one twenty point seven. Tony. I think the staff that tells the story only three months in the first half. It's unreal. One of the most amazing things as you look at the twenty eight points that the Rams have scored they did it on only running Twenty-three play scoring over one point for every play run. That's remarkable their last three storing drives to plays seventy five yards. Four plays seventy one yards to plays seventy three yards. And what type I mean? When is it? What's the last time? It happened that a team that has a quarterback that's one hundred twenty grading two hundred fifty five yards passing score twenty points in the first half. And they're the second best often. In the game. I mean, that's how good the Rams have been. They've been almost unstoppable. The only stop was the pressure. The one series where they got pressure and Gerry Goffin is if you look at the second half minutes really key moments or key things that we should be looking for is this for series is critical for the Vikings. They have to get a stop. I don't think they can afford to go down by two scores this I'm not saying the game dober- if it happens, but this is a really important moment in this football game for the Vikings. Kickoff from right to left countess's back deep for the Rams and Countess will take a knee. So this high flying Rams offense on the field to begin the second half Rams coming into this game averaging.

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