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The tag fashion. When george sees a familiar face in a boat rowing toward their camp. It's a local prospector. Robert or bob henderson. George calls out. Is bob exits his boat. Hello bob where in the world did you drop froman. Where do you think you're going just came down from ogilby. What's the idea about. There's been a prospect found in a small creek. That heads up against the dome i think it empties into the klondike about fifteen miles up and i'm looking for a better way to get there then. Going over the mountains from the indian river got any kind of a prospect. We don't know yet. We can get a prospect on the surface. When i left the boys were running up an open cut. Get the bedrock. Bob has georgia's attention at this point. He's ready to see if he can get in on the action. What are the chances to locate up there. Everything staked bob pauses. He glances at georgia's first nation. Family then response. There's a chance for you george. But i don't want any damn cy wash stake in on that creek. Let me explain that last. Line the word bob. Just used to describe georgia's family cy. Wash comes from a pidgin language culture new jargon. The word itself is believed to be a corruption of the french word sauvage. That is savage in other words. Bob just call georgia's family damn savages. Nothing georgia's used to hearing but that's where the conversation ends. Bob returns to his boat pushes off into parts to rejoin his partners. Well georgia is interested in prospecting. But he isn't going to do so with bob not after that refusal of his family the next day george schuylkill jim and charlie set out on their own rather than going up the klondike river joining bob. At gold. bottom creek the three men head up the tributary closest to them to rabbit creek. The next few days are of no real value. Find a scarcest. Traces of gold and eventually hike over ridge that. Bring them to the creek. Where bob henderson's crossing has again. George promises to let bob know if he finds gold back on robert creek share the wealth but then bob refused to sell tobacco to scoop them. Jim or charlie because the two men are tag h. George isn't going to forget that finding nothing worthwhile near bob. The trio hike back over the ridge and on august seventeen one of them possibly scan. Jim just washing out a dish pan sees it fixed soft yellow metal among flaky slabs of rock just visible to the naked eye on the cool clear running water. Yeah it's old. Three screening dance with joy. Collect some then staked claims now. Here's where things get murky about the discover by canadian law a prospector may only have one mind cling in a given mining district at a time. There's exactly one exception to this. Though where we're discovers gold gets to claims in this case. George is credited as the double claiming. Discover while jim and charlie take one claim each but did george discover it or as some accounts say did the three fear that locals incanadian law with respect to first nation making the discovery so jim chose the him the credit to his white brother-in-law or degeorge duplicitous duplicity pushed this idea on his brother in law to get the double claim. These are questions with which historians grapple but will never find satisfying answers. All we know for sure is that georgia's credited with the discovery gets to claims. Jim charlie get one claim each and as they record their claims bragging all the way ringing. Hundreds of prospectors upright creek. Soon renamed bonanza creek. They never tell robert henderson. His refusal to pan beside or sell tobacco tags. Man literally cost him a fortune house. The half for karma schuylkill. Jeff george karmic and charlies find. Isn't the first western canada or alaska. On a small scale level. Alaskan gold mining goes back to the russian era russian. American company actually kept close. Hold on the extent of its knowledge of gold for fear that prospectors would overrun the region. The discovery of gold near sitka around eighteen. Seventy two peaked. Some interest amd prospecting picked up all the more when. Joseph juneau and richard harris found gold just a little to the north and east of sitka in the gastineau channel in eighteen. Eighty prospectors flocked to this spot at the top of alaska's panhandle and within a year. They stabbed the first new settlement in alaska since the russian era. After some flirtations of naming harrisburg for richard harris. The miners decided to go with his french canadian partner and dubbed juno and unlike so many other mining towns. This one won't disappear after the goal. Does eventually it will replace silicon as the district's capital. So all that to say. Schuylkill jim charlie. George discovery isn't the first bit of gold found up north. And as you can tell from robert henderson's presence there discovery wasn't even the first with of gold along the klondike river but this discovery changes the game. The far western part of canada's northwest territories will soon break off as the yukon territory. And the spot where george and his family were camping. The confidence of the yukon and klondike rivers will become dawson city. Dawson will be haunted chickens of thousands of prospectors and have all the economic. Trappings they bring saloons. Dance halls gambling houses given the last few episodes. You know the drill. But while the klondike or yukon gold rush in canada it has a large impact on the united states as americans joined the fray and as many of these soon to be prospectors. Come via alaska. It will greatly impact this far north american district. The deluge of prospectors really gets going next year in july eighteen ninety seven that month two ships each with passengers carrying small personal fortunes and klondike gold make their way to san francisco and seattle. Respectively is the newly enriched passengers disembark word of their wealth and its origin spread like wildfire through the nations newspapers. Eager would be prospectors soon. As klondyke or given the rapid movement stampede irs are fast on their way to the pacific coast looking aboard a ship that can take them up the inside passage to alaska from which they can continue on to the klondike now. Klondike irs could travel overland through canada. But as we know from episode eighty three overland travel is slow arduous in pretty much sucks without robust railroads. So it's not exactly shocking. Most klondike opt to head to the west. Coast usually san francisco california or seattle the recently upgraded from territory to state of washington then travelled by ship to alaska. If they really wanna blow money and go in the right not frozen time of year klondike irs can sail just under three thousand miles from seattle. Washington to saint michel which is located in western alaska. Once there they can transfer from ship to riverboat. Then go eastward and up the klondike river for seventeen hundred miles. All the way to dawson city. It's a much quicker trip only six weeks but if you have that kinda cash maybe you don't need resort prospecting. Oh well adventure. I write anyhow. Most klondike is go to alaska. William henry seward style via the inside passage. That's what young californian named. Jack london does bored with farm and factory work in unable to afford another semester's tuition at uc berkeley. The future famous author turns klondike only two weeks after the july eighteen. Ninety seven rival that ship and san francisco with newly enriched minors jackson's brother-in-law ship out of that same port city sale up the west coast into the pacific northwest's inside passage. Pass it past you know and a ride into a fjord. The top of alaska's panhandle called the lynn canal. Finally they end their fifteen hundred mile voyage by disembarking at the head of the fjords tia inland..

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