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The pace has been pretty good home game on another playoff feeling here. The United Center here this afternoon. Blackhawks better keep up. The speed Steve the game is sponsored by Comcast business beyond SAS, not cuckoo Firestone. The left point that hit the in boards and afflicts outside the near post to the stars in turned away by khudobin and he'll fire it down ice into the hawk zone on the boards. Her feet. Chip away up the right side, tried to clear it out take it away by Radulovich left point sent it down to the left wing corner intended for Satan, but the pass eludes Kuku clears the puck to the stars blue line mirrow. Hey skin there to get it to Sagan over the center ice circle require the puck down the left glass in behind the hawk net around to the near side later Kuku battling with Alexander Radulovich puck pops out in front of the net and a good play by Murphy to swipe it away from Mark moving ahead. Dylan secure at center ice on the right wing. The stars line. He'll bat it down the boards. Tried to get to it himself along the inboards Esselin. Dell was able to get a stick in there knocking around up the right side dispenser, declares the puck to the hawk blue line. Brent Seabrook packing. Up to get it there. Gustav forsling hawk line left wing. Put it across the rink Anisimov crossing the star finding the right wing side dishes down along the end boards, secure tried to move it out of the right wing side. Brent Seabrook chops it down to the corner with Dickinson took the puck, very heavy on Mark. He'll fire it down ice and the puck rolls on in all the way down ice ice thing is Paul here against Dallas seven thirty one for the third or three favorite the star. Using tap on the shoulder for Jonathan page to get over the boards for Jeremy calls and get a tired group of guys out there for the Dallas Stars at the end of a long shifts and fresh legs that's off guy. Desktop that supplying out there? Comes back to the right point Gusta scenario. Get it spun up beside that tastes has the puck carries in behind. Put it out in front for canes. Puck penalty coming up here. The stars came rolls into the left circle turns employers backhanded kicked out of there by who. But as the whistle blows hawks are gonna get another citgo fueling good powerplay. This'll be their thirty. The one for two so far coming into this one joy, the penalty killing specialists on the defensive side of it folks up. Patrick Kane gets the hands into the sticks. The Blackhawks need to find some rhythm here. Unit out there for the Blackhawks the Dallas Stars. Better penalty killing teams, but they've given up one so far in this one cars get control off the draw Heiskanen behind the Dallas net the puck over along the left wing hordes. Coma will grab it there and clear it all the way down Justice into the puck in front of the net. Passes the left wing center, ice, he'll flip it back along the boards in the hawk zone to Kane. Did it bring it very through center ice over the SARS line? Got three top of the right circle. Mishandle the puck homo took it away for Dallas fire off the left corner boards hawk zone. One thirty left on the powerplay Gustafsen picks up the puck carries to center ice. Now thought about dropping back. He'll carry to the stars line drops it back to the hawk line to it. The came through center ice over the SARS line left wing to strong near the right point Augusta. Cindy flock to as in the left circle to. Up the left point moving over toward the boards and down the boards. Debrincat put it in behind the net for debrincat left corner. Put it across the top of the right circle. Patrick Kane to the deep slot. Good Cain closing in top of the right circle. Back in high slot with a wrist shot at one of the stars to frigate recovers the top of the left circle. Strom high slot to Kane just inside the right wing circle. Now backs up to the boards into the deep slot at the line. On top of the last circle with forty two to the side. And that feted up the slot. Picked off by Pohlak. He'll cleared off the right boards and down thirty five seconds on the hawk power. Except factor. Kane is going to switch this one up right now Gustafsen still on the ice the punk in the hands of Patrick Kane as much as possible. Game. Did get a pass from Gustafsen gave it back to us in hotline. For the stars line down the left wing. You got free works. Shoots and khudobin his down with the glove. Save and holds on. Stretched khudobin are just about as far as he could. And finally turned around forehand-backhand it put it on goal. I save I looked like he got in there on the back end the first time and then got his own rebound in. Shoveled it up into the top corner who'd over no made himself as big as possible little poke check for khudobin, and then finding that puck in his gloves. Talked about the great opportunity. There shaking his head on that chance. Opens. He's been solid for the Dallas Stars here this afternoon. Thirteen seconds remaining on the power play. Hawks control off the draw key posing in for the left point fires hit an eastern often front. Six seconds on the power play side, turning in the right circle. Put up a sign. He just missed the stars come back to full strength. Dominic who left wing corner? Chips the puck behind the stars Hetland L Senate around Seabrook right point that's down the right circle to saw the key parts of Seabrook right point, Dr kick save by khudobin Cahoon got the puck along the left wing boards on any caught a stick from Polack. And this is going to be called. Trailing referee on the play dano work sought out the center ice. I believe his face is bleeding a little bit. He'll head of the hawks bench. Hawks have Cam war on the bench and a sixth attacker delayed penalty here between the circles hawk zone. Duncan Keith has the puck. Here's keith. Now. Harry to center ice gave it a break. It sent over the stars line on the left wing drops it there. Mark pulls it free and finally the whistle will blow and I think they'll go inspect dominant cocoons face to see if this is a two or a four. They're pointing on the bench, she's bleeding. He's leak and bad. This is going to be a four minute high sticking penalty to Roman Polak. All right. We'll be back with a Blackhawks citgo fueling book power play and possibly the game. When we return four thirty four left in the third stars four in the hawks three. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN. Attention light beer drinkers. A message from Bud Light you've gone far too long without knowing what ingredients are in your beer, and that's a.

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