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Very yeah yeah at a toys R. us for hours for a cabbage patch doll because it's sold out and that's what my daughter wanted for the life itself you know what and my mom tells me the story house she waited right around that same time for hours for my Blaine Donnie that I loved more than anything what plane Donnie was the name of my cabbage patch I forgot that they had made they were sold out we now you will find somebody come out and say listen if you're in line for a cabbage patch kid they're sold out nobody even said that to you or how they did it but I was not what they said no and I told him the story and toys R. us at the time was really good on a waiting list and believe it or not I got no I got it the day before Christmas no wow cool it is unbelievable though to get all the way up there and the person in front of you got the last one you will you sweat it out like oh my god I'm not gonna be able to get this thing for Christmas or do I thought for sure that you know when I was in line I was going to get it because they thought they had a whole truck load so I figured for sure it was going to get it and that happened and now we did yeah we sweated it out because I didn't know anybody that I don't want my daughter really wanted it now all of a sudden the phone rang and don't forget back then you don't have cell phones so you're waiting for your house and a recorder finally the call came in Iran I'm shocked indeed you love in on Christmas morning when she'll call who cares good good you still have it hi she does actually yes I think most especially women I think most women still have their cabbage patch doll from when they were again DO I do wow and ice I love the blame the lane Blake because the mind cabbage patch doll so when we opened and I have two boys so I said to my husband would be weird if we name my our son Blaine because I really love my cabbage patch doll he's like yeah that would be really weird and we're not gonna name market Blaine these that would've been awesome billion Donnie Donnie one eight hundred two eight three one one point five let's go to Caitlyn in Bridgewater you're on the Jersey one one point five Hey so I went to Popeye's today I decide to get dinner there and I didn't even know about the chicken sandwich at all really in line I go past the drive through their clothes there are people lining up for the drive through and they didn't even know was close and I go inside right I go to the counter very long line I waited maybe ten fifteen twenty minutes just to get to the counter I go to the counter find out they're sold out one of the Sam would say you didn't know about everything yeah yeah I want to try it I go back to my seat I you know I go back I'm getting like napkins and the straw no son this lady she starts complaining because she didn't get her like fifth third six which she had like all the chicken sandwiches but she was in the line after me she was a check in order really pissed off so I was I was like you know what I mean they walked back to my table enjoy my enjoy my popcorn shrimp and that was that you know what those she could then going outside in like sold them yeah for fifteen twenty Bucks I bet people would have thought I would have done that maybe I could buy one off the you the alarm on the corners album good one of these one of these on Caitlyn said that she would have bought one I'm sure she would have Caitlyn that's funny thanks so much for calling and let's go to Pete mystic island you're on New Jersey one one point five are you guys doing long time listener he thank you I'm just gonna give bill up there I just love the pot by and I think a win for the sales because I knew they were out of them but you know I I live down the shore or that there's no pot pies around may have to be in the pine hill area and I would buy one but let me just going to get the fried chicken everybody's in there asking for the sandwich and I got signs posted everywhere Burke sold out still waiting are going up to the counter.

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