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After hours with Amy Lawrence. Weekend go so fast. I know logically, it's because they're only 48 hours, as opposed to the length of the work week. But how is it that the time feels like it goes so much faster days during the week seem to drag a little more, and I know I know it's only Sunday night. So I'm not allowed to start talking about Friday yet I won't I promise, but I can't promise you. I haven't already thought about it like, huh? How long will this week feel? I know a lot of you are in the same boat. Weekends are precious and they make the work weeks. Well, they make them productive. Make them bearable. And actually, this weekend was Cool milestone in my personal life, which I will share with you. It came with Well, it came with the perfect anniversary present. Seriously, just wait until I tell you so it will be had a good weekend. It was certainly chock full of drama Mob Whether we're talking about the field, the cord, the ice, the other field, the clay. Yeah, There's a lot happening in sports, and so There was something for everyone. If you were interested in Hoops and hockey. It's getting good in the postseason. If you're all about the boys of summer as we get closer to summer and Major league baseball, there's plenty there and now MLB is serious about cracking down on foreign substances. If you like the red Clay Well, the French Open man. What a weekend for Novak Djokovic, not to mention on the women's side. A pretty cool story. First time champion but not First time Grand Slam winner, So I'll explain about the Czech woman who won the French Open Singles crown, of course on the ice. Now we're back into the routine after the NHL was dark on both Friday and Saturday. Back on the ice Sunday, the Tampa Bay Lightning as the defending Stanley Cup champions already in a hole, and so the Islanders are forced to be reckoned with. There's a lot that we can get to a lot That we can talk about some scary moments across the pond in in the euro championships that are going on on the pitch. As I meant there, the other field, the soccer pitch that they're they're taking place now as well and While I understand that Mark Murphy was not Sharing his own sentiments. You know how social media is, You know how sound bites Can be pulled and isolated and taken out of context. And I just wonder if Murphy thought about it before, he said it Although I'll just raise my hand and say I'm I'm complicated. I'm absolutely complicated. I own it. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're live from the rocket mortgage studios when you need certainty in the home buying process with a loan that fits your life rocket can so you can find me on social media a variety of different ways. And if you're joining us on the show here for the first time, we like to compliment the show with our Twitter and Facebook. But of course, The show is the show that's just social media, and I really can't control what happens over there on the information superhighway with all of the different entrance and exit ramps, but on Twitter, a law radio and to all of our polls as well as a lot of the videos them Different show material that we share that comes from our show Twitter account after our CBS we'd love for you to follow us there as well. It makes producer Dave Happy. I wish I could tell you he got a raise. Or or maybe a bonus for every I don't know 1000 new followers on our show Twitter. Maybe we can make that. I think that would be really cool. Actually, only if I get a cut because I thought of it. And then on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence, and our phone number is 855 to 1 to 4 to 2. Seven. That's 855 to 1 to four CBS, So we're going to start with I won't call it stunning, but I would say it's mildly surprising. The fact that the Phoenix Suns We're able to sweep the Denver Nuggets now. Granted, the Nuggets are an entirely different team with more weapons. And they're more dangerous more difficult to guard when Jamal Murray is on the court, and we talked about this going back to those months ago when he he tours a CL right, That's what happened to him. And that sucked even then. Remember tweeting about it. Remember talking about it? This changes everything for the Western Conference. And so Nico Yokich did everything he possibly could to keep this team. Among the top three seeds in the West, and he deserves all the credit. Just as a side note. I doubt he wins. M v P if Jamal Murray is still playing. Because the responsibility The role that he had to assume. That looks completely different post Jamal Murray injury And as I was watching a lot of this series I kept thinking Devin Booker, Jamal Murray on the same court. For a It wouldn't have been a sweet Buttle think and maybe wouldn't have been a Phoenix win. But don't cry for me, Argentina. Nobody feels badly for teams and for athletes. Well, you feel badly for athletes, but nobody feels badly for teams. Encounter injuries. Why, well because it's part of the game. And eventually it will be your team's turn. That's always the case eventually. Your team has the serious injury. And so that the idea that What if what if Jamal Murray was still on the court? You can toy with that for a little bit, but it shouldn't take away from what the sons have accomplished. It doesn't matter that Anthony Davis got hurt for the Lakers and that Jamal Murray was not available for this series end. The Denver Nuggets played really well after Murray got hurt. Sometimes that provides a little extra adrenaline, a little extra motivation. There's the emotion. There's the inspiration factors but ultimately in a seven game series or best of seven game series. The team that's healthier, very often rises to the top, and we're going to talk about the Brooklyn Nets now and what happens, moving forward, even though we don't have all the information about James Harden and Kyrie Irving. So all of that aside again, nobody feels badly for another team That's going through injuries because you know it's just a matter of time until it's your turn. Until your lottery balls pop into the Into the I don't even know what that's called until your lottery ball pops up there. That would have been an easier way to say it, except you don't want to win this lottery. But it happens. It should not take away from the fact that Chris Paul Is not only playing brilliantly. But he's found the perfect Classroom. For his education. It's not always been a great fit with Chris Paul. I think it was with New Orleans. And I wouldn't say it was a bad fit with the Clippers. But of course they were unable to bust through that glass ceiling. Could this finally be his opportunity? And it fits together. They fit together so well A because of Monty Williams. That's a huge piece of this. Because they had a pre established relationship. Because Williams trust Chris Paul But also because.

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