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Chris Foster Fox News of Bigger coronavirus stimulus check is shot down in the house, along with another revision to a spending bill. President. Trump also wants Fox is shared Helper. Democrats needed unanimous consent to advance a standalone bill increasing covert relief payments. The $2000 that did not happen during a brief session this morning. Neither did a unanimous consent request from Republicans to reconsider foreign aid included In a massive spending bill approved earlier this week. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the house will again take up the bill to increase stimulus checks on Monday with a recorded vote. President Trump has not yet indicated if he will sign a $2.4 trillion package that includes $900 billion and covert relief and the $600 direct payments. That measure includes. The House is also scheduled a vote Monday on whether to override President Trump's veto of a defense spending bill. He also pardoned some more people boxes. Todd Pyro, the president, handing down more parties before headed to West Palm Beach, Florida for the holidays. Included in that list. 26 Pardons. Charles Kushner is the top of the list father of the president's son in law, Jared Kushner. He was sentenced to two years behind bars for false tax returns and making false statements to the FCC. Former campaign manager Paul Manafort also pardoned. He was prosecuted and convicted in a special counsel. Robert Mueller. Russia PROBE Manafort Thanking President Trump Tweeting quote My Mr President, my family and I humbly thank you for the presidential pardon you bestowed on me. Words cannot fully convey how grateful we are. Another former adviser, Roger Stone is also pardon for his convictions Coming out of a special counsel probe. It's Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is being tracked as usual by North American Aerospace Defense Command. NORAD Commander General Clint Van Hotels box We can confirm Rudolph is leading the sleigh ride. We picked Rudolph's nose.

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