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God knows yeah the you know what I used to do. J. When my first grandchild was born whatever she come over some. I'd spend a lot of time with just like that. Have her on my lap and Where she loved more than anything else was. We'd listen to music and we had the you know like the graphic equalizer you know on the screen you know. Go with the the music right and it was Is called firestorm or something collars and it and it was really cool and one of the ones that my favorite that I had up and we would dance like that and she. She got a beat. You know that's how they learn to give up. You know that's a you know it was. It was fun. I really enjoy B. B. I. Being grandparent we're going to be doing a lot of. I'm glad to see you guys go through this. This is fun. There knows a lot of fun and we dance almost every night. They well you know it depends. It might be beneficial t tour or not depending on how much rhythm you got. Are you been better at it for you? Messing her up. She jacked up the rest of her life or what not. I was C. J. Danson. I think I'd pay for that channel. The Go ahead the guy that you were talking about. The has had understand so so SADA's necessary in wood chips because it provides a medium for the mushroom mice helium network to grow through so having a layer Assad us and this is also going to be like a no till operation. I I will not let this ground up After I get it going because I don't want to hurt the My Celia Network. There's actually tests where they've put in radioactive isotopes Like into somewhere in the ground and then with nitrogen for example. And then you know the next day. The radioactive these isotopes are picked up to three hundred foot away. 'cause my Celia network actually moves the nitrogen to where it's needed an sickly moves it. Yes it is. It's amazing. They got these things where these trees thing inject. I Dunno if was an radioactive thing or like a die inflicted area the roots of the tree with some kind of nutrients. A tree wants to uptake and five six minutes later. Able to somehow see this whatever it is in the top of the tree. I forget the study. But it's amazing how Just like that movie Avatar. I mean it's there's a lot of truth in that even though it's fiction You know peace. There's like a lot of troops in how nature works and we just don't really understand how nature works when you have. You Know Government Crop Subsidy Program Subsidizing monocropping which is not how nature works. You can't go anywhere nature into see one you own species grow for acres so what we're doing is growing multiple species so I found a source of sawdust and wood chips from I got two neighbors that have cordwood processors so they take like big twenty five thirty foot log on long oak and maple and whatever logs and they put him on this machine and a scholar. One guy's got a sixty two inch saw blade on it. That's like almost like five foot things huge so he can cut like a when he can literally cut A almost three foot diameter log with his cordwood processor and he does a thousand cores. Accord is four foot by four foot by eight foot You know one hundred whatever. Twenty seven cubic feet and thousand quarter year. And he's got a mountain saw would is like you can just have it so I got one. Guy Has a quarter mile down the road. He's got you know not a huge mountain but he's got a bunch and I got another guy who's five miles the other direction he's got this mountain of Sawdust so to guide is five miles up the road. He's got these big dump trailers and live bottoms. And I'm telling them how I got like a one dump truck and I'm GonNa come get some Sada's from him and he's like. Why did I bring you? You know? Eighty five yards at a time. He goes make spot. Where my semis? Not Going to get you know stock and it's level and these can raise dump body not flop it over and he's like I just bring it all to you so Yeah get your sawdust off my property man. Who Am I GONNA put this? I'll tell you getting all your would. He needs a place to dump it. You go over here homes. I got place for it. Yes I got a couple of local tree. Companies that come in Just dropped me off logs randomly and I got a spot all set up for him and the guys kind of know how to do it. And you know every once in a while. There's a car in a way but but they're cool. I got A COUPLA. Our alternate sponsor to put the Log. So yeah definitely you know not having to pay for your firewood. Your logs really helps in. You know I twelve acres here and my neighbors love very friendly with as forty two acres got baby get little fussy so anyways and mom just a phone call so anyways we got We have a well easy. We have You know A good network right here. We got a good group of people and you know everybody's You know wanting to help out. But yeah the saw the bio char the wood chips. The Hey is gonNa build some really really good soil and it gives a fun. You'll bio char gives gives A good spot for microbes to grow in Sada's and bay okay. Well might have to meet me for a second..

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