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Up the individual standards committee And that is cross party and let us not forget that when they deliberated when the commissioner put forward her report and then thereafter the standards committee looked at it Four of those members were actually conservative and the standards committee voted unanimously not by a majority decision but unanimously on a cross party basis that were owning partizan had done was tantamount to corruption that he had been engaged in paid lobbying He had been paid well over half a million pounds I mean the last time I said well I haven't even got a second job Let alone being a paid lobbyist So I just can not understand how these individuals or whom being an MP should be a full time low because that is what they have been elected to do to serve their constituents And yet they are too busy with the noses in the trough and lining their own pockets And this has to stop So that was turned Jumanji Singh the labor MP for slough and also the shadow rail minister also lays day 12 noon at lunchtime today on Bloomberg Westminster I'm going to be speaking to Vera hobhouse who is the Liberal Democrat MP full bath of course it was the Lib Dems who sort of got this issue going in terms of the parliamentary debate We'll also talk more about the pandemic here in the UK and across Europe who have seen Electra in vaccine epidemiologic London school of hygiene and tropical medicine will be joining me Catch that live 12 new UK type download the podcast later from Apple music or your preferred radio app But the idea of second jobs and being paid for lobbying is a story that's going to continue I suspect let's get over to Bloomberg's Leanne guerin's.

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