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By circuit jevon Girardi. We'll take over and the lightning zone nine. Oh, two left in the first one on the score. The Android in front of the lightning net. Nicely feet, Ernie across the blunt obstacle Martell. Danny. Martell in the lineup after Callahan was delayed scratch setup pot cat. And said he puts it in on a one timer to on lightning with eight fifty three left in the first. Of course, Dave Michigan on the com- Martell played in just his second game with the lightning and he picks up his first career NHL points on that beautiful past the podcast. Atom Ernie also picked up an assist on that goal. He would later go on to score to give him a two point night. Getting back to podcast. He got his first career Gordie Howe hat trick in that game pocket has eight goals on the season. And that whole fourth line, regardless of who was playing has been productive Martell was in for Callahan. As you heard Dave say he's day to day with an upper body injury won't be in the lineup tonight again and Matthew Joseph will miss the rest of the trip as well. That's according to John Cooper who will hear from later on in the pre game. It was also great to see Steven stamkos continued to stay hot. He picked up his seventeen th goal of the year against the he now has ten goals over his last ten games. And it's three hundred sixty five career goals has pulled him. Into its high with Marty Saint Louis for second place among Tampa Bay's all time goalscorers and Brian egg Blom gave me his thoughts on stamkos and his plate today on lighting powerplay live. Stephen is that as best what he's got the puck between the blue lights and he's on the attack and he's skating today lights before he even gets inside his own. We always think of as a shooter, you know, the tops of the circles in, but he's a lot more than that. And I think this game really picked up whether it was conscious or just part of the evolution of a season. I don't know. But all I know is he skated way better with the puck on the attack and particularly between the blue lights, and I think that affects us game overall and his game is really good right now. And the teams game is really good overall. No doubt in their fifty four points through thirty five games. It's tied for the most points through the first thirty five games of a season in franchise history. That ties last year's pace an Anglo says despite the similarities record wise, this lightning team is different. Than last year's. They seem to have more ups and downs last year like within games, they'd have a great period. And then period where you go cheese. You know, what happened you'll see that this year, they have a great consistency to their games, especially defensively. And I think because that has a lot to do with today have the puck so much and they managed the puck. So well, and as we all know the best defense in the world is happening the puck and have naked the other team take it away from you. But without the I think they've been better this year than last year. Now, what makes Tampa Bay start this year? So impressive is that every team has this game circled on their calendar. They wanna beat the lightning because they know it's a good measuring stick in John Cooper knows that's part of the deal. When you're a team that wins a lot. We look at this as we'd rather be the ones that people are chasing than being the third. So this is.

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