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And what Jesus taught and what Jesus live. There is none. Those of us that have been here. There's a spirit of apostasy. Spirit of apostasy is good is a spirit that confuses you as to whether that's the holy goals or whether that uh oh. Apostasy, everybody, another Bible calls. Holy the devil has another direction for you to go. You don't want to do the will of God. Because if he could put us a saint If he can put you get you so dry. Get you so lackadaisical Get you so soulful. Get you so unconcerned. Go to the mall, or do you come to your church? Because they have a sale on Yeah. Yeah. And if the devil can do that, That's the spirit of apostasy. Just about any terms that you go to. You'll see a deficit in there. Yeah, people don't go there like they used to. Yeah. And the Bible said not to for a safe, Bia's member ofyour sails together. Here's the spirit of apostasy as the manner of something Some folk. They're just not coming. So I set up in church all the time. I don't blame you for not one to sit up in church all the time. He's not saying that, but there's times that are proper. There's times. Really, you have to. You have to make sure that you get there. You have a service like communion and things like that. You have to make sure that you you stay in touch, commute that table to do something for you. A table gives you a chance to examine yourself. Yeah, and, uh, I don't know how it tastes bad taste to be stand up there like it's good and be a hypocrite, you know? Oh, yeah, You better go on. Yeah, That's not the way to take Communion. It's a time for you to examine yourself. To see whether or not you be in the will. Oh, God. Sort of table spread.

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