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One particular this morning. It was like watching <hes>. Some played a computer game and it turned track. Grip down to zero on really really hard tires or that turned the rain on the graphics. There'd been a graphics glitch. The rain hasn't come down because it was. It was incredible absolutely zero grip. There was sideways. Ronald the corners. They were just getting up into fifth gear round tonight which the drives it boasted yesterday about all will be flat through there on a i. I like the pits <hes>. It was crazy. So i'm basically calls by resurfacing done. Recently as recent as two weeks ago <hes>. They resurfaced it. And then what happens. When you lay down new asphalt surfaces it needs time to cure so will the oils bitch mini the surface. And then you clean that way and then the the grip should there. So i'm not sure happened. So basically i cars out on the very oily track today with the f. one cars. I mean it got slowly better but i think we're in a in a worse situation. We were poor to matthew higgs and well that we could see. fpm sickly the patches of wet. Bits where they tried to wash some of it away and quite worked to illustrate just how slippery it was <hes>. Maxwell stanton's first time. Fb one was about ten seconds off of the investments post in two thousand eleven and improved a little bit by a p two and talk jobs news any about three seconds off at that time from vassil but we still quite a way to get. Haven't we yeah so today's three seconds of <hes>. Pole position time which thing. Oh that's not too bad. But then go remember how much quicker the current khazar compared to twenty seven i looked at some stats. A few minutes ago says before any a few tracks. Same configuration <hes>. And we've been in twenty seven but the nurburgring back in twenty seven. Polaris woman at thirty point zero <hes>. Pole position this year woman at twenty five point two so the cars in theory should be around five seconds a lot quicker so the facts were three seconds. Elapse loa i think highlights just how far off we are at the moment. We've got another eight seconds to

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