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Com. I'm Peter Greenberg, and this is today's ion travel minute. It's Friday day, February 24th. Welcome to WTO time. Now there's three 28. Probably good weather on the 8s. Good morning to Ian Crawford with this and the double DLP traffic sign. Hello, there Dina we started in Maryland and thank you to the caller for confirming what we suspected that work zone on the inner loop near route one college park is long gone. They are they've called it a night and it's a Friday and can you blame them for that. So all nice and quiet now on the capitol beltway entered out of loop between Bethesda and oxen hill. 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway two 70 running very quietly to start your Friday morning on 50 between the bay bridge and the beltway, the ride through Annapolis and Bowie is uneventful inside the bellway clean to the district line you are okay across the bay bridge, we still have the big trucks in the roadway on the westbound span, so everyone riding on the eastbound band, one land in each direction to and from the shore. To Virginia, we go and thank you to the caller for confirming that that works on 95 north bend near Dale City still there still single right to get by it to quick one and then once your pass in your golden all the way to the octagon and onto the Springfield interchange and on three 95 nothing pending now is all the way to the 14 three bridge. Still with some lingering crash activity in the works on 66 westbound near the fairfax county Parkway, a left lane is getting by fairly uneventfully now and then westbound. We've still got the work near the manassas rest area, single right getting by in the main travel length, one to the left gets by in the express lanes. Ian Crawford WTO traffic.

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