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In the second wave who may not have been exposed to the first wave you were just a little too old to get picked up by that second wave of Star Wars. All right. So tell me about Star Wars. All right. We begin Akiva with the galaxy in the midst of a civil war. There are two factions Akiba there is the empire, and there's a bunch of ragtag rebels, and they are looking to disrupt resist the empire who the good guys. Empires of the rebel the empire. It's all about trying to stop out. No, you we are following the story of the rebels who were trying to. The rebels. They call themselves the rebels. Yeah. Okay, fine. Okay. The rebel spies have stolen plans to a galactic death star. Now, a death star is basically like a space station almost as big as a moon with a laser beam that could blow up a whole planet. And so once the empire has this fully functional death star than they will just be able to go to any planet where rebels are blow up the whole planet. They'll be able to go anywhere where there's any anybody who's giving them a problem. So well, we're just gonna come blow up your planet. So it's really going to be game over once. The empire gets that death star turned on earth ever mentioned in stores. No because the Star Wars films open with a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. So this actually happened in the past the past in the pancake in a completely different galaxy okay, so it's not in the same gal. Now, I got no mention of earth, but they speak English you speak English, and they also speak a lot of different languages. But you just gotta go with it. It's just like one of those movie things. All right. So plans the blueprints, basically to the death star have been stolen by the rebels of this will be explored in great detail in the film rogue one in twenty sixteen. I think that's a whole that's a whole different ballgame. That's like when this comes up in episode forty seven. Forty seven. On the wheel of the third time. Okay. Okay. So the plans are being run to the rebel base by a woman. Name Princess laya. She's one of the leaders of the rebellion. And she can if there's a major character who plays tariff relational official that I know. Yes is prince life. Okay. Okay. And she is on board this ship, and they have the plans to the rebel base. They are boarded by the imperial star destroyer under the command of Darth Vader, Darth Vader is right. Yeah. He's the bad guy. And and then there's a big spoiler at the end of either movie one or three as well. We'll get there. We'll get there. We'll get there. Okay. I don't want to say. So he comes on board the ship. He wants the plans where are the blueprints? He needs them really in the Star Wars universe. There's not really any like too much like Email or we can upload the file..

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