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You got to fight somebody. You have to go fight Regis program. It's amazing fight. But you have to fight somebody. Regis said, I'm not sure if anyone wants to fight me. I'm not necessarily sure if he don't read it's going to have a date I want 40 if like haney doesn't move up to anything. Oh yeah. Like you have Josh Taylor. There's a lot of people you can fight. There's only so much you can go circle in the dream before you fall in it. Like you have to fight somebody. So I looked at Ryan García's performance and I truly believe Ryan really wants to fight tank. I don't know if tank really wants to fight Ryan, not because he doesn't want to fight him. But I think tank is now caught up in the business aspect of it. Where it's like, if he listens to the floor, he was like, let this thing marinate for a couple years. I don't really want to do that. The problem here is Floyd not only lets it marinate, but he protects the O. Does it mean something to Floyd? And that's flawed logic. It is. 'cause, okay, De La Hoya didn't make as much as you Floyd. He made it before you though. And many didn't make as much of you, but you made a shit ton. None of them cared about that old. The fight still made money. Yeah. Floyd believes the O is what carried some of that weight to making all of this money. So he's like, yo, you could be their level, but if you lose, would never be my level. So we got to protect though. It's the Jordan effect in basketball. He's perfect in the finals. It fucked up basketball. Because now if you lose once in a finals and you win 8 times, you could win 7 rings. Steph has 7 wings. If he lost two finals, he's never the goat. No. Like Jordan set the bar, it's a wrap. For a whole generation he just didn't protect his own. No, he didn't. But still, it's just one of those things though. Like you inadvertently set the bar just to mark for a whole generation that's unattainable. And Floyd's done the same. Floyd, I don't consider him the greatest ever. I don't think I put him in my top 5. Most people don't. Yeah. Some people do and put them in their top 5. Casuals do. Yeah. Why should people have them top fire? I think he may have earned a spot in the top ten. Yeah, no, he is. So cool. Top ten. But if people had a vote, all of them have lost. Yeah. Most of them lost came back, ran it back and got that. But what do we do? They fought everybody. They like sugar ray. So go to your office to fight everybody. Ali, fought everybody. Roberto Duran fought everybody. Took a great Leonard, followed everybody. Joe Louis was talking about getting washed. Duran got washed and no moss. Yeah. Came back in one titles and two more divisions. Well, yeah. I mean, Robert Graham was the scariest we ever seen. But the thing is, is like, people talk about age and it's a very weird thing because they're like, yeah, these fighters are young, but like Mike Tyson's world champion at 21. He's like freaking nature. But if you really look at this, a lot of these guys don't like Canelo was young. Yeah, right? Canelo was young. If you go back, Terrence Griffith wasn't that old. He's getting older now, but Corrales was on a blistering pace. Yes. Before he left. He ran into Floyd. Yeah. But these guys were young, and there were things like Tuesday night fights on USA. We have to go watch them on. Like tank is like strictly this pay per view guy, but he had pay per view too early. I might have been one fucking because these fights would have been fine if you could have chained them together, fight three times in a year, four times in a year. Cool. These opponents would have been cool, but you're in pay per view. So now you can only fight twice a year. Yeah. So now, he would have gotten through all these people three years ago. But now it's like, now you're 28. You should have done all of this on your 25 challenging for the real title at 26. Could have went against Loma. Could have went against Luke. You could have beat Loma to the punch of some of these belts. And it was too much. One 30 was one 30 where he was at was open for title taking. But you couldn't fight enough to force these fights because you were a paper. It's like bro, you fought Rolly Romero. It's really hard for me to sit here and say, I wish I wish arrow would just be like, oh, let's do it. Real quick. It's September. I'll come back and I'll do it. Yeah, yeah, I'll beat you up real quick, 'cause tank for a Rollie Romero, right? And it's like good business because he did already in pay per view and everything else, but it's almost like a waste of a camp. When fully fought Conor McGregor, he didn't even train for that fight. He just went out there and beat

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