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She said, she'd had these experiences and it was all quite horrible. But she ultimately is in hospital. And she ends up having to have surgery. And once she has surgery, I don't know if it was because she'd had the shadow person experience and it obviously had caused a triggering of something in her body, which some people have reported, or if it was just coincidental that she was in hospital. But she's on medication and somehow the medication causes the spontaneous out of body experience. Now for some people that can happen, that has been reported of the hallucinogenic effects of certain drugs. I think even people report things like that on pethidine, which is rare, but those things can happen. So we can't rule it out, but she's like, I knew what this was. This was something very, very different. But she said, look, I ended up staying with a friend. And I continued to stay on the medication because it was necessary after recovering from the surgery. But as a result of being this heavily medicated, I found myself on the outside of my body. And I was standing in the room, looking over my physical body, what I noticed that there was something else there as well. There was someone else standing in the room that was fascinated with my body. Now, she said that she looked to her right, and she said that she noticed that the wall started vibrating faster and from the wall emerged this muscular shadow person. It was black and red. It didn't have any hair, but it was like it was all veiny. It was all vascular. Yeah, it was like this vascular built Chad shed a person. She said it was like really like this musculature stature about him with all these he was 7 feet tall that she's like, I kind of couldn't, but it was even though it was red and black. She said at first she thought it was made of oil. Like it was his oil slick. But she said, whatever it was, it was attracted to the physical body that she wasn't occupying at the time. Like her body is lying on the bed. She's out of body. This thing's come through the wall. And she's like, and she realized that it wants to get in my body. She battles this thing. She starts getting into a spark Kirk fight with this thing that's trying to get into her body. And she says, she's fighting with this thing. It.

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