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You get your Brigadier. Not a song about luck or something in there thinking the Irish kind of thing say that he would name all the song. I didn't miss too many of them. I couldn't tell you Brigadier. And if you put a gun to my head, I have no idea what. It's like a Andrew colds land l. e. any wakes up and he's in new land where he's getting laid in the this Sunday. Right? And then they're like, and then like get out of three c gets a fuck out of Brigadier and he's like, but I wanna stay this whole thing about whether or not you can stay in this fantasy magical lane. I think race a rip off of Space Jam. The me it is so. Space Jam is not even Jones. That's a song from ball, and that's right. What do you think basketball Jones from? It's a song from Space Jam. It is, yeah. The teacher Johnson. Song with Barry. White. Okay. Is it who's who's things that is? I think Barry white, no, but somebody else's Jews like Chris rock is on it. Oh yeah, he is great singer. He is on these. No, Eddie Murphy. Bruce willis. All right. You guys. It's time to play last man. Stanton. Now this games determine our winner tonight, and I'm going to get a name from audience member who's assured me that this named might be good and via Twitter, and they were gonna take turns naming movies that person was in Demi won the first game, so easy and I go first and then we'll go to Aparna and to male and me. I like to play along because I don't know yet who the actors going to be or actress, and then. Just want to remind people because the rarely pick an actress and then met go last, where's the Kyle Fisher. Turn up your through Seattle. Right here. Yeah, right. Is I wanna see third one, whereas the call Fisher. Here we do arm slightly on him and everything. Yeah, we don't need to see him wherever turn the lights on. All right, Kyle. What do you do for a living call. Fisher. What is it? Beverly, Beverly Hills. What what you guys got. Got any cream in it. Hey, you guys, you got any cream. Do they want some. What what kind of any particular kind of toys deal does? Is it like? Is it like new toys? All toys kids doing his, you'll love wargames. See there's two different kinds of toy shops. That's right. There's kinda have like the old school kind of wooden toy kinda, you know, vintage stuff. And then there's the stuff with the new, you know, book pop patrol, whatever the card does. There's also better are like action figures that people like to collect. Okay. Sounds kids Mr.. Magori type deal. He's your toys store store, magical. Does your boss or magical door. Portal, Tom alive. You have no idea into that. Tom's toy store. It's like going into Disneyland. Hey, anything about Walt. Tom's never heard of him. Is your boss named, Tom, I'll miss Thomas Tom me. The tank. His last name happened to rhyme with wonder, emporium. Okay. Just making sure. If I came into day with my five year old daughter, what do you, what do you have a recommend? My good man. What would you say. Get out. Tom, why are you talking all? Where did you find this girl. Why she's singing about who constantly. Got the biggest YouTube channel in the world. She's spending her money today. You guys got any Papa troll type stuff. Patrol dude from other voice toy. Patrol MS go to lie to us. Do you dogs? So mystery. Leader there like cops detectives or some chick, maybe wanna firemen, proper troll, dude. You took a break was like, I'm gonna make a point and then we all just roasted it. We're like, okay, let's prove that this is your job and he's regretting this choice. I still take he works at a twenty store. You've never heard of Papa troll named one toy. Shit may. Oy tough to do. Toys for my daughter toy book in store, just save.

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