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They were buying yup. I'm problem and then i'm going to address the play when When we drop them off. Marcy is one of our superstars. Well thank you marcy and It's always important to have those volunteers absolutely true absolutely more people. I'm sure you have a lot of volunteers helping you out alex. I'm sure you folks wanting to know the volunteers are the backbone of the campaign. No doubt about it. These also have braille all. I often seen the braille on these cards. I confirm i believe we believe that they will have some braille on the me. I think we've I've been putting them on our palm cards and on our postcards so i might have arthritis by the end of this campaign. 'cause i think i thought about ten thousand cards but i think it's important. Yeah ray any other. We have seen three or four. More people for up is phone number ending in eight forty four. You are muted Do you hear me. Yes steve mendelson. Yes right alex Hi i'm with the recreation visually impaired attorneys. I'm particularly faded. Both whether you're running for office and they later going to invite you to address conference on monday if well but my question right now has to do With what would be required. Or why isn't the case that Disability has become a political issue in the way that Racer gender Has been and i think. Part of the reason is because so many people with disabilities actively reject self-identification asking people disabilities. And i'm wondering if you're a campaign has any effect where was likely to have any effect your view in In bringing people to a more positive and more activists conscious of their disability in relation to what government and participation political process can do for them. Steve no thank you for the equestrian. It's a really important one i you know. I think there's a few factors. I think that as i said you know. The disability community is the largest demographic minority in america. You know probably about twenty five. Twenty six percent of adults from the best that i can tell have one form of a disability or another but i think we all know the reality of those values are very different. Right whether you're blind or you have a chronic illness or use a wheelchair or whatever the case is you know the reality and the needs that you have as a result of that are very different and so you know while you know a very small percentage of of people. Have you know any one of these individual conditions you know. I think we as a group are best when we are unified right and i think whether the fact that there isn't a wheelchair ramp in a building. Now that doesn't it's not something at this point in my life that i need somebody who's blind. I'm able to climb stairs. But i need to see that as something that impacts me you know in the fact that something that benefits somebody from. Who's death hearing that. That's not available. You know..

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