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Well, and I'm a, I'm a stand up comic that you don't have to at all convinced that the they're like jokes are not silliness. I actually take my job really seriously. So something that I reject his win, other comics will be like as joke. I'm like, will. I mean, is that the disrespect that you have for art, I can get real serious and real lesbian ROY quick. But no, like an. I also think I mean, this makes me think it is not. This is not the same at all, but it makes me think of like win when call me about your name. Oh, was really know. It was in. I was assay was also moonlight I've saw I saw both times I saw both times when both of those movies were nominated or at least when they were part of like Ord season this year and word season the your prior own, the hosts would call out like those actors and and like the hand job that's on the beach in moonlight, like backup play during the Oscars intro and stuff like that and and no other sex scenes that are in any other movie like this is a this is a funny joke to you, like I wonder if you like backed up a little bit, if you could figure out why this was so funny to you wouldn't if it's 'cause it so like homophobia like, I wonder if that's why you pasta so point by Saad, both ears. With both movies well, and the way that those actors were treated in in and it was very in. That's, you know, now when we like can have give this lip service to dislike. Now we're cool with it. Like these movies are hits. These movies are winning best picture in your like I would feel so much better if that movie won best picture without the joke about the about the behavior like that would make me feel like you actually took this seriously without Paul on the wrong movie out. Know what I mean. That would also be nice. Yeah. Well, I'm sorry that happened to you. I truly Agee Mira, you know, it's just the mega moment. Like, you know, this person while they only Mike actions, it just all meant growth, but everyone so so I feel like it was a necessary moment in time for the country for me or me to remember why I'm doing the work. I'm doing where the country to understand a work ahead of us. So I do think it had to have, you know, that's how I back at it. Oh, I think that's very gracious. Take. Slash, maybe it also helps you continue to work. You know, you can't be like, no, literally, fuck everything. Because otherwise we hard to get up in the morning. And it's also you don't want to give anyone kind of power, right? Let them take your power. So yeah, they but one thing limited. She saying like, why is it that every time I opened up the screens and look for your name on the national court. I see this person's picture light. We need to fix like, yes, that that you know it. Let's get this energy back to where it should be. And I thought that was interesting too. That is interesting. We're certainly in a moment right now. We're like, that's, I mean, not that this is a new moment, but as a lesson it's important to continue continue to think about, like as we're like in this moment of there's a lot of ally ship going on right now that like I don't think I've seen as much in the past in lake my adulthood, this feels like the most that people are talking about things from an allied perspective, but still it's kind of. You know. Again, just like, let's use queer movies. For example, it's let's use those movies that call me by your name. I loved. I loved that movie, and I also would like love it. If those were actually out queer actors that would make me bad. You know, if we were able to do that, you know, because those those guys who think are so talented and I think they did a great job. But boy wouldn't. I love to see two people together who, like I know have to live this. Make me feel though maybe feel so good. Chew was plus definitely put the spotlight where it should.

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