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See I forgot my phone charger the gate since no one let me there's we are going back I'm gonna say be gonna say we just covered that story okay and finally here we go time for all the macaroni and cheese in the shape of the Martin Van Buren no the American flag here we go a German man well this is Jake up the German man made it look like there was a traffic jam on Google maps how did he manage this town Hey he let his vocal music band into a busy street after losing track of the parade route they were following they they already sounded terrible witness Dolph Moore said but once I started wondering into traffic it got way worse B. he dragged a wagon full of iPhones down the sidewalk nine or see he dragged a wagon full of news media or down the sidewalk let's go with the are known to the wagon I have a feeling it's going to be either tomorrow course not this is the sure that's right we'll have to see someone that they can so it's still a gift certificate to jazz alley okay I don't think they'll get to see the particular performers well I guess I'll as you want to lead a half an hour to get there if you ship it out tomorrow morning the US is not very good people listen and then they know that they were there at that show and they would get robbed a house.

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