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Those cool temperatures all that's going to play into it. But, you know, Hey, Starts to start. This is Gaia buying K. O S t h d to Los Angeles. Let's take a look at a crash on the 60 going to Diamond Bar on the 60 east at the 57 direct with a big brick to right lanes are taken away. At this point. It looks like you're getting crowded right around grand, still working in Rancho Cucamonga, 15 top that Duncan Canyon at the record an overturned rig. It's only the right lane. But boy, it's jamming up right around. Glen Helen Park wife KF Eye in the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Bob Reckon Long Beach. Boy, You bet your good morning. We're off to a way too busy morning, leaving Long Beach to the north down. Nor found 7 10 around. $91 of long plane crash already been working for almost an hour. Really? But with some lanes blocked. It backed up a little bit north of Del Amo. If you can get on the north seven Tenet Alondra that's just north of the 91. Well, it's all clear all the way up towards the salade. No problem there, South down inside the little slowing down the transition. West 91 to south some intended not to bet on real quick here San Fernando Valley. It's a classic CNN wouldn't work and North East to South West, So watch yourself stuff is blowing around like crazy injured in an accident. Visit Superwoman Super Lawyer calm Just Bob K s Eye in the sky. Okay, if I and this guy helps get you there, faster robbing banks. Attention savvy investors. Are you looking to hedge against inflation and receive steady monthly cash flow? How about the safety and security of a real estate investment? Without the hassles of being a landlord? Maybe you should cash out of some stock market risk and volatility and take some money off the table, instead received.

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