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Again. Jarred drive to out hair importance, sees the pill in order to attend the address. The pill was headed to. You'd have to go with the Super Bowl us since jarred with sudden you what he's Job, who is a in the Super Bowl. I said to watch over him for the first tee. The Sukhabatar authorized the visit and awake lighter they drive to the address with the pill was headed on the north side of Chicago. They knocked on the door and a young manage it jarred offs, But David, since that's who the envelope was addressed to. The young man said David Wyss each roommate induce at work. Jarred Tuta the envelope with the pill. One showed dive. It's roommate. The roommate Taljaard that he knew about coupes He said that came from a website silk road. Jarrett had never heard of silk road and he asked the room. I would've votes The roommate guided by seek explanation of the Sautin Hill worked. He said that purchase marijuana meth and ecstasy from it in the past. Jared left the house confused. He didn't understand, yes, such a web sought could exist. He returned to the office in search for up in cases on so grudge, but he found none. He then taught so crowd into Goo to see what he could fond. He found the Golkar article and right all about it. He also fanned instructions on how to Entous who occurred the sought fascinated and petrified charred at the same torn. He couldn't stop thinking about it. And a few days later he made a decision. He was going to build a case against silk road. He went to a supervisor and presented him with an idea. He knew that a single pill would never be taken seriously, But what if he collected a lodger man of trucks than it would have to be taken seriously? Jared supervisor allowed him to take on silk road as a sword project. So Jared started collecting drugs. He went to say, the Customs and Border Protection Officer at O'Hare airport and asked him to Cape every single envelope that had drugs in So it every not jarred drove to the airport and collected whatever drugs had been chant. In about two months, he had one hundred envelopes at the end of November two thousand eleven jarred felt he had enough to make a case in together with the supervisor. They met with an assistant US attorney in Chicago, The following his staight-out in the book American kingpin bone Nick. The Jared entered the office opened backpack and through thirty envelopes onto the floor. Desist in US, Attorney just looked at him confused charred picked up H envelope and place them on the desk This one had Ellis day. This one had amphetamines destroying ketamine This one heroin distant US attorney was astonished that all of those drugs aboard Bohdan lawn and then delivered through the mile did still he thought they might be bigger fish to fry Jared was ready for that response and had prepared a speech. Jared said, This isn't about the drugs. This isn't about that one little pill. This is about the sort of a role and what it stands for. It's about how the papal on these saw it are using Arrington it built by the United States government to run an anonymous Web browser also built by the United States government. And they using the United States Postal system to circumvent the laws of your country. And there's nothing we can do to stop them. This is just the beginning. It's drugs now. The could be used for terrorism next. Imagine a worst-case scenario where a group lockout cauda uses the sought for the exact same set up to coordinate attacks against America. All with tools go by the United site The Woods sunk in with the assistant US Attorney, and after Dr amendment of consideration, he tell jarred that, Yes, he could do it He could open a case on silk road jarred Matty's plan and that the Simba he got into silk road and registered an account he started what he called pro falling his ultimate goal was to find out who ran so proud but in order to reach that person, He had to first stop with the community to begin with, he decided he would pose as a boy and purchased drugs but doing these expected to things One was that he would be able to stop pro falling Sylla's buoyed than a flying their listings on the sought, the communication three messages and their packaging techniques. And second. he would be able to gauge how much drug trafficking actually occurred on silk road. After completing a lot of paperwork to get authorisation to buy drugs, jarred was given one thousand dollars. It went on line to be choline exchange and trade at the Dulles for Bitcoin's keyboard. A total of eighteen different drugs from 18 different Sylla's in six different countries including ecstasy opium today in synthetic marijuana. Jared had the drugs delivered to a secret post office box at O'Hare airport. Can you the drugs was sent through the mile, but he didn't know how many packages actually made it to their destination after he made these purchases Jr. goodies ANSA. Out of the eye taint packages that he bore, I only one was intercepted, but customs and border protection. Another package never arrived and to the other sixteen was safely whiting theme in his post office box. Before

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