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A just turned into what turned into an it was everyone said to me this is not normal for your first movie don't get used to this sounds like okayandi was in schools at usc at the time i was faced timing herbskype being with teachers and writing essays on set and i flew back and forth for finals it was hard who has not like i'lli wanted to do was not be in my trailer writing a paper i wanted to be exploring an an and and coming out of that because there is like the whole world circuit on that and then did you find the like suddenly were getting interesting opportunities you feel like you're all not at that point ii was i think the award circuit was exciting says a part of something great but for me i was still in school i was still you know it was my first movie soii mean i'm still auditioning for things you know i mean it's like you're still kind of trying to prove different size of yourself in the acting world and so at that point i was just so excited to be a part of something buti mean yes i was getting new opportunities in terms of like new meetings and you're interest in that in that sense but it was still very much the beginning which i kind of love i love the idea of working your way up because then you would appreciate once you're there so much more sureum but it was a wild awhile experience it was fun to do feel like the at that point you are like on this one port away from whatever it is that i'm trying to get to like did you were there those ports at the time felt like oh this is going to change their milne ever i was actually with uh kari and my mom i was.

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